Zanini Pizzeria

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Salumi Board – $25.0

Zanini Pizzeria is a homely Italian restaurant that brings authentic Italian flavours straight to the heart of St Kilda in Melbourne – once again establishing Melbourne as a city dotted with global culinary highlights. With their flagship restaurant in Elwood, Zanini’s second location in St Kilda encompasses all you could ask for in an Italian restaurant – a bar facing the wood-fired pizza oven, a trendy European décor decked out with classic Italian tunes, and Italian waiters complementing this overall experience.

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Seafood Linguine – $34.0

The good fat: The salumi board and ragu arancini were easy picks for Italian entrées – the buffalo mozzarella, bringing with it the light and creamy flavours were a pure reflection of what I loved in Italy. Likewise, the samples of salty prosciutto, aged bresaola wagyu and cured hams especially complemented the freshness of the cheese. The freshly baked focaccia featuring a wood-fired crust was a crispy delight.

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Mushroom Risotto – $28.0

To be honest, it’s hard to fault the flavours of the mains from Zanini Pizzeria. The earthiness of truffle flakes, truffle oil and mushroom pieces, balanced with the slightly herbed Italian sausage produced a beautiful mushroom risotto – with the rice, of course, cooked to perfect texture. The best thing was that the creaminess of the sauce came from the reduction of mushrooms, rather than straight cream itself.

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Bufalotto Pizza – $24.0

Whenever San Marzano tomatoes feature on pizza – you know the Italian restaurant IS TRULY Italian. The buffalato pizza encapsulated everything that reminded me of Italy. Slices of prosciutto, the unmatchable juiciness of San Marzano tomatoes, and buffalo mozzarella… Zanini takes me back to Naples.

Seafood linguine is always another classic and with slight drops of chilli oil – the flavours of the seafood marinara came out beautifully. A swirl of tomato sauce, a twirl of linguine, and the chewiness of calamari – everything was there!

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Chocolate Souffle – $16.0

No matter how full you are – don’t pass up on dessert! The chocolate souffle is the decadently rich and saucy brownie – the chocolate sauce leaking out satisfyingly. The Italian stracetti donuts are crispy pillows of airy dough with drizzles of Nutella and a portion size that definitely feels like you get your moneys worth! Perfect for sharing!

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Italian Donuts – $14.0

The bad fat: I love Italian arancini, the crispy crumble outside giving way to the rice within – but this arancini was slightly overcooked as the inside fillings were a little hard. The seafood linguine was slightly overpowered by the tomato sauce, and one less spoonful would’ve been perfect for a light pasta.



2wofatgirls would like to thank Zanini Pizzera, St Kilda for the invitation to dine – these opinions are strictly unbiased and were influenced in no way by the collaboration.

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