Club Colombia

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Patacon Con Hogao – $15.0

When a restaurant is teeming with locals as soon as it opens on a public holiday, you know you’re in for a treat. Club Colombia is a 2-month old restaurant with the aim to transport its customers straight to the heart of Colombia, without leaving the comfort of this Melbourne restaurant, and is every aspect, from food, to customer service, to ambiance, Club Colombia does just that. Friendly staff, colourful Bogota-like streets, and paintings by famed Colombian artists dotting the walls, Club Colombia captures the essence of Colombia in a way that is delicious and hearty to both homesick Colombians, and hungry Melbournians alike.

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Rice with Prawns and Chorizo – $26.0

The good fat: I never realised how much Colombians love cheese until today. We started off with a warm “Hot Chocolate and Cheese” – a traditional Colombian drink that involves dipping cubes of cheese into a rich hot chocolate with hints of clove and cinnamon! Definitely something I would recommend for the adventurous Melbourne foodie.

The patacon is a deep fried green plantain i.e. “cooking banana” which, when rolled out and fried confers the most amazing texture – the first bite is quite a crunch, but then the pieces just break up softly into your mouth, lending itself to being a solid, fragrant base for pulled beef on top. The Caribbean prawn ceviche was in contrast a very light, and refreshing entree, with fat, juicy prawns drizzled in a tomato and onion sauce.

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Slow-cooked Pork Spare Ribs – $22.0

I absolutely LOVED the slow cooked pork spare ribs, especially as they are marinated in a sugarcane sauce and aguardiente, the most traditional Colombian alcoholic drink. This meant that not only did the flesh fall off the bone with satisfying ease, but the flavour itself was packed with a sweet SWEET marinade, complemented by the acidity of tomatoes. Whenever rice has prawn and chorizo it just reminds me of paella – but Club Colombia’s rice had a rather different flavour, with the subtlety of coconut milk, the sweetness of ripe plaintain and the complexity of the spices within the rice. Delicious!


Colombian Cookie with Caramel Sauce and Mozzarella – $8.0

Our highlights didn’t stop here – because the street-styled Colombian cookie dessert was a fantastic way to end our journey through South America at this Melbourne restaurant. The “cookie” is a bit like a paper-thin wafer but the batter is perfected to capture allow the crispy aroma to blend into the coconut, cheddar, berry sauce and gentle caramel sauce. This wasn’t at all too sweet and was actually a very light dessert. The ripe plaintain with cheddar was also a delicious, fruity dessert – it reminded me of deluxe, lighter apple crumble but instead the crumble is replaced with melted mozzarella!


Ripe Plaintain – $8.0

The bad fat: Given how many dishes we tried at Club Colombia the only negative comment I have is that you must eat the mozzarella encasing the ripe plaintain got really hard, so the cheese got really hard and heavy, overpowering the refreshingness of the plaintain. Icecream would’ve been a perfect complement as the plaintain dessert is quite warm and sweet!



2wofatgirls would like to thank Club Colombia Melbourne for the invitation to dine – these opinions are strictly unbiased and were influenced in no way by the collaboration.

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