Heritage Wall

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Smashed Avocado – $19.5

Heritage Wall in Camberwell is a small cafe close to the train station with seating both inside and out along the busy Burke Road. With a Modern Eastern twist on classic brunch dishes, we were delighted with the various spices used to add their own flair. A personal favourite and must-get for us would have had to be the banana bread!

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Smoked Eggplant – $18.0

The good fat: The smoked eggplant strongly featured all the Middle Eastern flavours – with a light cucumber raita, to hummus, to the nut and kale tabouli. I definitely appreciated the strength of the smokiness from the eggplant. The dish itself is also presented spectacularly! Pomegranate seeds dotted around also gave it a beautiful red and juicy touch. I happily welcomed the twist of pesto with the smashed avo.

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Banana Bread – $17.5

We easily demolished the housemade banana bread with mascarpone and seasonal fruits. The bread was as expected, warm, with a light char around the edges. The mascarpone afforded a great creamy balance and the berry puree was not at all overpowering. A Heritage Wall specialty!

The bad fat: If a dish is called “smoked eggplant” I definitely expected more than half and eggplant… it was definitely lost amongst everything else in the dish – so it really ended up just being a mix of random flavours with pumpkin here and there, some tabouli/quinoa mixed around and I was bit a lost – I would’ve loved the eggplant to have a more powerful feature to highlight its Middle Eastern aspects more and distinguish Heritage Wall from the vast number of brunch cafes in Camberwell.

Aside from the pesto, the smashed avo was quite average but that might just be me. (please read below)


2wofatgirls would like to thank Heritage Wall Camberwell for the invitation to dine – these opinions are strictly unbiased and were influenced in no way by the collaboration.

Mini rant on smashed avo unrelated to Heritage WallGiven how much I’ve brunched, Heritage Wall is actually the first place I’ve EVER ordered a smashed avocado and at the end of it all, I don’t understand the hype. So please my brunching millennial friends WHY DO YOU order smashed avo? Just buy an avocado and smear it on bread – squeeze on some lemon juice if you want to be adventurous… and chunk on a piece of feta.. WHY DO YOU PAY $20 for this?! Please if you have opposing thoughts happy to hear you out DM me on Instagram or email 🙂

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