Hakata Gensuke Yatai Ramen

Hakata Gensuke, the international ramen sensation founded by the incredible masterchef Mr Yoshimura has great news for Melbourne – with its brand new store opened up on Lygon Street! With the current Hakata Gensuke stores rarely ever seeing a break in the line up outside, this new Carlton store as “Yatai Ramen”, couldn’t come at a better time – I can never say no to warm bowl of ramen during cold Melbourne Winters!

Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 1.05.38 am

Yatai Tonkotsu Ramen – $14.0

The good fat: Hakata Gensuke Carlton is featured as “Yatai Ramen”, which means open air food stands – the best known city symbol of Fukuoka in Japan. From the first time I had Hakata Gensuke on Russell Street 2 years ago, which you can read about here (Ramen Rush), their intensely flavourful 3 day tonkotsu pork bone broth is something on another level. The specialty at this store is the use of pork belly chashu (rather than just normal pork slices), which confers a very welcome, slightly fattier texture to the ramen – overall contributing to a beautiful soothing pork broth, supplemented by textured ramen noodles swirling within, personalised to your own liking.

Screen Shot 2019-03-31 at 1.05.57 am.png

Black Tonkotsu Yatai Ramen – $15.0

For those on the more adventurous side, opt for Gensuke’s signature Black Tonkotsu Ramen with a black sesame and fried garlic paste – it has the most subtle sesame nutty-like flavour on top of the classic pork broth and is definitely a unique Japanese experience! Last tip – you can never go wrong with adding a flavoured egg “tamago” to the ramen, with its perfect soft-boiled interior making it an amazing yolk porn moment!

The bad fat: Genuinely nothing bad about the ramen here – affordable AND tasty!


CHECK OUT HAKATA GENSUKE’S WEBSITE HERE: https://gensuke.com.au/menu/

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