Nar Bangkok

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Crying Tiger (200g eye fillet with Green Apple) – $24.0

Nar Bangkok is a new Thai restaurant on the busy St Kilda road – complete with an open-spaced and leafy interior, passionate and attentive staff, and a talented chef who is able to capture the authentic, complex flavours of South East Asian cuisine in each of the dishes. It’s definitely somewhere I’d love to come back to, and try their curries for a quick lunch!

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Pineapple Fried Rice – $21.9

The good fat: The crying tiger is a classic Thai dish – the eye fillet slices were so tender and the two spicy sauces on the side were great at complementing the cool slices of beef, alongside the crispy apple salad. Moving to our mains, the pineapple fried rice is something I’ve always wanted to try and I’m so happy Nar Bangkok was able to serve it up! The light curry flavour, the sweet nibbles from the sultana and pineapple chunks, alongside the crunch of the peanuts – you can’t really go wrong with fried rice especially when it has generous helpings of chicken and prawn 🙂

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Deep fried whole barramundi – $25.9

Being a huge seafood fanatic, the deep fried barramundi was an easy choice. The crispy skin fried to aromatic perfection was drizzled in a tamarind-like sweet and sour sauce, and revealed the tender chunks of barramundi within.

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Grilled Banana rolled in Roti Bread

A definite standout dessert from Nar Bangkok (also the owner’s favourite!) was the grilled banana – I’m not even a massive fan of banana but the combination with crispy, honey-drizzled roti was magical! This was texture complementarity at its best.

Another unique Thai dessert was the palm seed with coconut icecream – palm seed is NOTHING like you’ve ever had – it comes from the palm tree but the overall texture of it is like a sticky pudding, not too sweet and rather jelly-like and gelatinous – such a unique experience and nothing like anything I’ve had before!

Screen Shot 2019-03-23 at 6.05.28 pm

Coconut ice cream w. palm seed

The bad fat: At some points, I felt like the barramundi had slight hints of a seafood fishiness but that could be fixed with the powerful sauce. The only letdown was the coconut ice-cream on our desserts – I appreciated that I could actually taste bites of real coconut flesh inside but other than that, the predominant flavour was just an icy vanilla ice-cream and the coconut was barely noticeable.


2wofatgirls would like to thank Nar Bangkok for the invitation to dine – these opinions are strictly unbiased and were influenced in no way by the collaboration.

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