Mukka Fitzroy

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Chicken Tikka – $16.0

Mukka Fitzroy is a well-established Indian restaurant, definitely a popular spot that all Melbournians seem to love. With plenty of customers and deliveries even on a Wednesday evening, Mukka impressed us with its homely vibes, and authentic, tasty Indian food that I would highly recommend to any lovers of Indian cuisine!

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Vegetable Biryani – $17.0

The good fat: A definitely highlight in the entrees Mukka provided was the Gobi 65, in otherwise, quick-fried and peppery cauliflower – the outside coating gave the perfect golden crunch and biting through to reach the soft, light cauliflower underneath was an exciting texture contrast. The vegetable biryani was so flavoursome, and steaming in its pot – we just couldn’t wait to dig in and mix all the veggies and nuts together!

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Gobi 65 – $11.0

Call me basic but the butter chicken was TO DIE FOR – whenever I have Indian, the naan and butter chicken is what I live for (the only time I ever order chicken), and Mukka’s butter chicken now tops my list. It was such a light, sweet and creamy butter chicken that didn’t feel heavy at all to eat, and dipping my flaky piece of garlic naan into it was so satisfying, and it just got all the more satisfying when I finally got to eat it! The 4 -hour cooked goat curry in tomato and onion gravy also provided a delicious dip for our naan – the flesh was so tender and the flavours contrasted that of the relatively sweeter, butter chicken.

Spice lovers would also down the tandoori mushrooms and chicken tikka easily – with very unique and contrasting flavours rather than just all a mash of spice!

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Gulab Jamun – $9.0

In terms of drinks, the mango lassi was a definite hit! This authentic Indian based drink is something Mukka has perfected – a smooth and milky yoghurt blend that tastes a bit like a light smoothie, definitely needed for such a spicy and intense dinner!

The bad fat: I felt that the kulfi icecream with the tapioca-like “noodles” was a little strange the texture of the smooth jelly was really random – and the pistachio flavour of the kulfi wasn’t very prominent. The chicken tikka was also slightly on the drier side.

FAT-O-METER: 4.5/5


2wofatgirls would like to thank Mukka for the invitation to dine – these opinions are strictly unbiased and were influenced in no way by the collaboration.

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