Sassi Co

DONUT BOUQUET? COOKIE CAKE? You heard me right! If this sounds like all your dessert fantasies coming true then Sassi Co Boxed Goodies is something you just HAVE to check out! Melbourne dessert boxes are becoming the coolest gift around the block, especially for your friends with a HUGE sweet tooth (like me). Who needs a flower bouquet when Sassi Co can serve up a DONUT BOUQUET!

Sassi Co aims to “deliver happiness all over Melbourne” with their massive range of aesthetic, drool-worthy, handmade donuts, cookie cakes, and even your own customised dessert box, just to name a few.

Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 2.42.29 pm

What a beautiful donut bouquet!

With different designs for all sorts of occasions, ranging from Girl’s Night In, to Hens/Buck’s Nights, to I Love You – Sassi Co will definitely something for everyone. Our assorted Donut Bouquet came with a delicious, 8 unique donuts, all wrapped in such a lovely and aesthetic bouquet that my heart broke when I had to eat the donuts…

The raspberry white chocolate was a personal favourite, with freeze-dried berries sprinkled over the top of a velvety white chocolate glaze. Not to mention, this assorted donut bouquet is certainly something for the chocolate lover. With cookies and cream, a super unique pretzel-caramel donut, and of course, a guilty, Nutella donut oozing with probably half a jar of this amazing chocolate spread that you would have to be crazy to say no to.

Here is the link to all their donut bouquets, so you can surprise someone with this and receive their eternal appreciation! 🙂

Screen Shot 2019-01-04 at 12.50.38 pm.png

Just looking at this makes me happy 🙂

Perhaps even more exciting is the Sassi Co COOKIE CAKE! Looking at the wide variety of different flavours featuring all of your favourite chocolates such as Reese’s Pieces, Maltesers, M&Ms just to name a few! You can bet that you’ll find me trying one of their cookie cakes soon 🙂 Here are all of the Sassi Co cookie cakes:

If you’re stuck for ideas and have someone’s birthday or special occasion coming up, (or if you just want to treat yourself ;)) then make sure you check out their website ( as they deliver all over Melbourne and you can make your own personalised message with each gift.

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