Tamper Trap

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Breakfast spread goals!

THE TAMPER TRAP, BRIGHTON: Bayside will always have special place in my heart, having grown up next to the beach and being able to see it every day. It is the friendliest neighbourhood, filled with lots of energetic puppies, students of all ages looking for the cute baristas, and the oldies who have conversations to share. Tamper Trap is right in the middle of its bustling suburban life.

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Okonomiyaki Japanese Pancake – $19.5

The good fat: Tamper Trap makes a great Bayside coffee break! Silky, with a beautiful and fragrant crema, the coffee from this cafe was deeper than your high school philosophy teacher. Following the coffee in its depth of flavours, lunch had an incredibly fun, colourful and balanced palette; each meal starkly different to each other.

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Slow braised harissa spiced lamb shoulder – $19.5

First, the okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake) had the warm tastes of home, with the mayo and okonomyaki sauces bringing out the flavours of the pancake. With that, the salad not only helped to balance the umami of the pancakes, but also helped to make us feel accomplished in being ‘healthy’. The fried chicken that came with it, while not a necessary addition, was a very welcome pleasure that was crisp and perfectly seasoned.

The lamb was tender and broke apart when you touched it with your fork. With this melt-in-your mouth lamb came the slightly crunchy chickpeas, the freshness of the coriander and mint, the earthiness of the quinoa and eggplant, all with an uplifting background of spice. It was the perfect dish to eat in summer.

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Rhubarb and ricotta spiced hotcakes – $21.5

The hot cakes are excellent fluffy clouds of citrus and cinnamon that easily please on their own, when combined with the various other flavours on the dish the combinations are then never lacking. From the sweetness of the strawberry and pear then to the sour twist of rhubarb and then the light richness of the custard contrasted with the deep dark richness of the chocolate mousse. There’s a lot to these hot cakes which makes a usually one-dimensionally sweet dish into something a bit more complete and warm. With Christmas approaching, the cinnamon and orange notes of hotcakes brought back memories of Christmas markets in Germany. With a Tamper Trap twist, the chocolate mousse with crunchy chocolate chips brought a moist element to enjoy our meal.

The bad fat: The pancakes were on the dry side that would’ve been fixed with a bit more sauce. The hotcakes also had a slightly dry/sticky texture.


Should you get fat here?

Yes – Tamper Trap is a perfect pit stop for many –  from relieved parents who had just dropped their kids off at school, dog-walkers wanting an excuse to show off their doggos on Bay St, and construction workers wanting a short coffee break.

Guest-written by Catherine

2wofatgirls would like to thank Tamper Trap for the invitation to dine – these opinions are strictly unbiased and were influenced in no way by the collaboration.

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