Moshi Moshi

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Sushi Donut

MOSHI MOSHI, PORT MELBOURNE: Moshi Moshi boasts a beautiful seaside location in the lovely, coastal suburb of Port Melbourne. Known for its affordable and fresh buffet menu, which even features sashimi, Moshi Moshi is complete with its latest, unique innovation that is SURE to be a Instagram trend – the sushi donut. So what are you waiting for?

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Scallop Tataki – $4.2/each

The good fat: Moshi Moshi praises itself for the freshness of their seafood and they’re not wrong. The sashimi as part of the sashimi and nigiri board, along with those on the rainbow roll were definitely of fine standard, likewise the oysters. The definitely highlight of the night would be the seven spiced mayo king prawn tempura – the chef did something magical here with the light, crisp batter coating it, because he preserved the most juicy bites of prawn within that left us with a greediness for more.

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Seven Spiced Mayo King Prawn + Crispy Fried Calamari – $11.8 + $10.8

Interestingly, my favourite nigiri tonight was actually the unagi (eel), which featured a small, seasoned slice of tender eel blanketed across the elliptical ball of rice. Another thing that my recent Melbourne Japanese food journey has lead me to discover is my love for black sesame icecream. Now it has reached a point where it supersedes my love for matcha, and the black sesame icecream here we had for dessert just further re-affirmed that!

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Rainbow Roll – $24.8

The bad fat: The sashimi here was sliced quite thick, especially when compared to the other two Izakayas that I had just recently visited. I felt that the seafood dishes lacked a bit of flavour – with the scallops not having much to it other than a cooked scallop, light yet bland flavour. Similarly, the rainbow roll was missing perhaps a bit more of a kick to add a zingy interesting flavour or a bit of crunch in texture from a tempura-styled addition wouldn’t hurt.


YES – Their buffet dinner is definitely one of the best deals around especially for any Japanese lover, or just in general, seafood lover. Moshi Moshi has a beautiful location, and the vibes of a casual but refined establishment for Melbourne Japanese food.



2wofatgirls would like to thank Moshi Moshi for the invitation to dine – these opinions are strictly unbiased and were influenced in no way by the collaboration.

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