Piatella Cafe Bar

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Lemon Pepper Calamari – $20.0

PIATELLA CAFE BAR, GLEN WAVERLEY: Piatella Cafe Bar is a restaurant has the vibes and menu of a versatile all-day restaurant that seems to be packed with locals all day long, with people just having a cute dinner date, to those celebrating a special occasion, or just a nice catch up over some coffee and a slice of their drool-inducing cakes from the cabinet. Their dinner specialty is the American BBQ grill menu, but also features a wide range of options from Italian pasta to Greek kofta. Whilst it’s sometimes disconcerting to have a restaurant with so many options, Piatella Cafe Bar does everything well, so it’s no surprise that it seems to be the go-to place for Glen Waverley locals.

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American Styled Smoked BBQ Octopus – $30.0

The good fat: Our 2 entrees were huge sized portions that probably could have constituted for light mains! The calamari, whilst nothing special, was complemented by a delicious, crunchy and fresh salad that was a beautiful palate cleanser. Being told that Piatella was in fact a Greek restaurant, we had to order the saganaki too. Expecting the cheese saganaki, we were surprised when it was actually the traditional Greek casserole-styled dish, with generous servings of prawn and chorizo within. The earthen, spicy sauce was the highlight and became such a soul warmer.

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Prawn and Chorizo Saganaki – $22.0

Whilst at first hesitant to go for the octopus, our doubts turned into delight when we saw the beautifully plated, caramelised octopus tentacles grace our presence. With 3 cutely stacked onion rings on the side, the octopus, just like the pork ribs, all had a sweet and sticky BBQ sauce, characteristic of the classic American smoked styled BBQ – and also one of my favourite, home-styled restaurant flavours. Another surprising highlight was the chargrilled, creamed corn on the side of the pork ribs!

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Pork Spare RIbs – $34.0

The bad fat: Designed to be a family-styled diner/restaurant, Piatella Cafe Bar does everything it needs, but no more. For example, the calamari had a much higher ratio of breadcrumbs rather than the calamari itself. Whilst the octopus was chewy, I found it a little tough, and given that the American BBQ grill is their specialty, both of the dishes became a bit one-sided when there wasn’t a huge standout. The pork ribs were slightly stringy, and also a little too sweet (even for me).


YES – If you live in the area and are looking for a classic Modern Australia, Greek, Italian etc. Western cuisine restaurant for an enjoyable time out then Piatella Cafe Bar is a great option, with wooden tavern-styled vibes, and friendly hospitality.




2wofatgirls would like to thank Piatella Cafe Bar for the invitation to dine – these opinions are strictly unbiased and were influenced in no way by the collaboration.

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