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FUJITEI Signature Carpaccio Combination – $30.0

FUJITEI, ST KILDA: If any Melbourne restaurant deserves a resounding 5/5 on Zomato then it is most definitely Fujitei. I’ve had my fair share of Japanese/Asian restaurants in Melbourne and nothing can compare to the technique, fusion of flavours, and overall attention to detail that we experienced at Fujitei. When we already thought that we had reached the highlight every time a new dish came out, the next one still seemed to somehow exceed the previous one. This was truly a delectable, Japanese degustation experience and the absolute highlights (as impossible as it is to pick) that resonated would be the scallop entree, wagyu and grilled black cod. I honestly cannot recommend this restaurant enough for any lovers of Asian food – and not to mention, supplemented by the delightful company and service of the manager, Ryo.

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Soy Duck Breast – $15.0

The good fat: Where do we even begin? The seemingly simplistic soy duck breast truly let the duck shine – with mustard and ponzu proving to be a powerful combination of Asian fusion flavours.

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Hotate Yaki – $9.0

Next, the Hotate Yaki was an incredible explosion of texture and flavours. Featuring a Hokkaido Japanese scallop, pan seared in Japanese sake amd dressed and flame torched Mentai (Spicy cod roe) mayonnaise, with generous amounts of mushroom, everything about this entree was perfection and a true testament to Japanese cuisine.

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Ebi Tempura – $24.0

The Ebi Tempura of tiger prawn had a light and delicate crumb with a crispy tail that was clamouring to be eaten. Interestingly, the tiger prawn within was rather softer than usual, almost blending into a flour-like, moist texture that contrasts to commonplace tempura. A highlight on our carpaccio was the salmon sashimi – but the basil olive oil vinaigrette with generous dashes of roe gave a earthy, yet refreshing kick whilst still letting the inherent flavours of the sashimi seep through.

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Fujitei Maki – $15.0

Naturally, one can’t go to a Japanese place without experiencing sushi – and so we were treated to an inside out tuna and salmon sushi roll – the freshness of the fish was incredible, and the unique twist of the crispy tempura on top was an innovative addition of texture. One can also not forget the satisfying pop and savouriness of the salmon roe.

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Gin Dara Saikyo Miso Yaki – $22.0

All these highlights and still have not tried the mains! The cured black cod in chef’s special miso has become one of those dishes that will leave an impression in me forever – absolutely amongst one of the best things I have ever eaten in my life. So deceptively simplistic, with an elegant slice of cod on a white plate with barely any visible sauce, yet each mouthful was incredible. It’s difficult to describe how beautifully the cod melted in my mouth, with the miso subtle miso sauce permeating hints of sweet and savouriness and delicately accompanying the moistness of the seafood. I CAN’T GET OVER IT!

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Wagyu Slice on Maple Leaf – $45.0

The wagyu grill was amazingly presented – on top of a small coal stove that meant you had the flexibility to cook it for as long as you’d like. The thinly sliced wagyu was cooked to “blue”, meaning that it had an almost sashimi/tartare-like texture and moistness, complemented by the delicious savoury paste underneath.

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Wagasashi Dessert Platter – $25.0

Amazing restaurants close off just as superbly as it starts. Fujitei was no exception. Our dessert platter featured a matcha mochi, yuzu nerikiri and black sesame panna cotta. The yuzu nerikiri was a refreshing, fruity start to our dessert degustation. Mochi is one of my biggest weaknesses, and unsurprisingly, I drooled at the perfectly gelatinous and well-balanced matcha flavours in ours. The black sesame panna cotta was the manager, Roy’s mother’s home made recipe – and with a jelly-like consistency, it was a strong, earthy finish that did the aromatic potential of black sesame full justice. Lastly, not to mention the strong flavours of the house-made icecream: black sesame and matcha – Asian flavours that are true to its heritage and definitely one of the best icecreams I’ve tried.

A special mention must go to the manager, Ryo, for providing us with such a fascinating background and knowledge to all the dishes that came out. You can tell that not only is he incredibly passionate about Japanese food, but also the level intricacy and high standards of the dishes he asks of the chefs at Fujitei. With every dish brought out, we learnt about the technique, sources and quality control of all the ingredients and felt the warmth of his attention to detail in everything we had at Fujitei.

The bad fat: The Ebi tempura was slightly on the blander side but perhaps everything else was just too good this became a slight dip in the standards.


YES – Is that even a question? Fujitei is the best Melbourne Japanese restaurant by far, and in my top list of best Melbourne restaurants in general. It provided a memorable dining experience that will resonate with me for a very long time for sure.


CHECK OUT FUJITEI HEREhttps://www.fujitei.com.au/

2wofatgirls would like to thank Fujitei for the invitation to dine – these opinions are strictly unbiased and were influenced in no way by the collaboration

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