Smiles of Melbourne

SMILES OF MELBOURNE, TOORAK: When I was offered a chance for a in-chair teeth whitening experience, I was definitely skeptical at first, unsure of the potential consequences or the entire concept, as it seemed a bit artificial to me. However, after trialling this at Smiles of Melbourne teeth whitening service, I can definitely highly recommend this spot! My appointment was dealt with professionalism, care and friendliness.

Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at 10.30.57 pm

Getting carried away as a food blogger and forgetting about the toll on my teeth 😦

As a food blogger, drinking coffee and tea everyday takes a toll on your teeth. Stains everyday build up gradually and before you know it, the beautiful sparkling smile you once had is gone! I am more than grateful to have my appointment at Smiles of Melbourne. All the potential discomforts (of which I experienced none!), was explained before the service by the dentist, as well as after-care procedures, such as avoiding coffee, red wine and generally staining foods for the next couple of days. The service itself was just under an hour, but with maximum benefit!! I am so impressed with the long lasting effects of my teeth whitening, even without much special daily care. Now I can continue my Melbourne food adventures without feeling too guilty about my teeth!

Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 5.19.33 pm

For anyone looking for a quick, comfortable and high concentration formula for teeth whitening that guarantees lasting effects should look no further. The professionalism, efficacy and patience from the team at Smiles of Melbourne is impressive. Check out Smiles of Melbourne website below to book your appointment and regain your dazzling smile!!

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