Grub Sweet Set 2018

GRUB FITZROY SWEET SET 2018: Sweet Set is an annual celebration of Melbourne’s amazing pastry scene, with incredible bakeries showcasing their unique specialties whilst complemented by Grub Fitzroy’s  (a quintessential Fitzroy brunch location), equally delectable savoury options. We were treated to the opening session, featuring none other than the reputable bakery, LuxBite and their absolutely stunning desserts. Credit to the team at Grub Fitzroy for putting together such a tantalising and creative event every year!

Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 8.09.18 pm

Savoury Set

The good fat: The 4 options in our savoury set ranged from beef tartare, to smoked salmon prawn crackers, blue cheese arancini, and a chorizo sausage roll that resembled a Danish pastry. It’s definitely hard to pick a favourite, seeing as the beef tartare was such a refreshing and welcome start, and the smoked fish prawn cracker just a mouthful of smoky seafood deliciousness! The blue cheese arancini was a dense ball of smooth and cheesy goodness, whilst the chorizo sausage roll had an incredible flaky pastry complemented by chunks of chorizo inside with the perfect savoury kick!

Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 8.09.43 pm

Sweet Set

We were all too keen to get started on the desserts, opening with a mandarin-esque cake which really could’ve fooled you into thinking it was the fruit itself! Instead, it was a combination of smooth white chocolate mousse, mandarin and yuzu jelly – the best, petite-sized palate cleanser! The matcha tart was our personal favourite. Every detail, from the sesame cracker, to the sesame and matcha cream, along with the tart itself became a magical blend. I’m surprised the idea of matcha with sesame hasn’t been explored before as it truly is a magical combination of Asian dessert flavours.


How stunning is this Mandarin cake!

LuxBite’s specialty, Endless Love, was of course a feature on the platter, with a light rosewater cream, a perfect macaron decorated with fresh raspberries – you can’t really go wrong with this quintessential Melbourne dessert! The last dessert, our truffle TRUFFLE was definitely the most unique in my opinion. A lover of anything truffle, I was more than excited to explore the idea of truffle in a dessert – and it hit the right mark for me. The hazelnut cream on top was decorated with a flake of WA truffle, which created an almost salted caramel-like flavour. The cream within the choux pastry was light and salted, a truly unique combination of sweet and salty flavours amalgamated into one innovative dessert!

The bad fat: As the idea of the Sweet Set is modelled on a high tea, it’s a bit unusual to notice the lack of a scone/Devonshire tea course, particularly as the sets are designed to be around lunch time, the portions themselves are quite small especially when there is a lack of a substantial carbohydrate.


YES! If you’re looking for bite-sized savoury and sweet treats executed to perfection, then this year’s Grub Sweet Set is the place to check out. Not only this, we were so impressed by the lively and hippy decor (with an actual food truck outside) that we can’t wait to add Grub Fitzroy to our brunch list.

FAT-O-METER: 4.5/5




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