Schoko Chocolates

SCHOKO CHOCOLATES: I have a huge sweet tooth (if you didn’t already realise) and not to mention, through travelling in Switzerland and Belgium, have become quite the chocolate connoisseur. Only when I tried Schoko Chocolates, did I realise what I had been missing out on! An artisan chocolate store based online in Melbourne, the Schoko Chocolate chocolatier, Moana Kaster, has undertaken European training, techniques and finesse with the creative foodie culture of Melbourne – resulting in an elegant and divine blend of flavours that I had never imagined together!

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 8.00.17 pm

My delightful box of chocolates!

The innovative flavours, the perfectly tempered chocolate that dissolves in your mouth, is the perfect way to satisfy a craving – gourmet-styled. Personal favourites included the Yuzu, and Passionfruit Feuilletine – I have never tasted such authentic fruit flavours in a chocolate before, and both blended so well with their respective white chocolate coats. If you’re feeling guilty from the sugar intake – luckily for you Schoko Chocolates are hand-made with no preservatives, high cocoa content, low sugar and 100% pure cocoa butter, which is exemplified in its pure and refined textures.


THE BEST THING? Use our code “2WOFATGIRLS” when you check out to receive $20 off your order – I can’t wait to order them again!

Check out Schoko Chocolates here:


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