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Aromatic cocktails to start out night!

CHINACY, SOUTH YARRA: A brand new Chinese fusion restaurant opened along Chapel St, Chinacy impressed us with its intricately designed interior, well-placed concepts with a mouthwatering menu using fine ingredients. They capture the essence of modern Chinese perfectly, and are balanced with delicious Asian twists on cocktails too – making it out to be a spot for splendid night out or a casual lunch catch up against a beautiful backdrop. If you’re lucky, you might even have the unique experience of having live Chinese music during dinner times. It has risen to the top of one of my best Melbourne restaurants – especially for Asian food!

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Char Siew Hand Bun (Barbecued pork, cucumber, chilli sauce, coriander) – $7.0/each


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The good fat: The best highlights over the food we sampled include the Chicken and Scallop Dumplings – with the gingered dressing, they reminded me of home! With an aromatic blend of soup outside, and the tenderness of the chicken + scallop filling, they were divine and I could easily eat the whole bowl. Drunken Mushrooms were a delicious, juicy and fresh vegetable dish – a must get for mushroom lovers like me!

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Raw Australian Hiramasa Kingfish (Fragrant spring onions, tamari, daikon) – $23.0

You can never really go wrong with Kingfish, but the additional bonus of the spring onions and daikon complemented everything beautifully. Our mains for the evening included samples of pan-fried salmon and porterhouse steal. I adore salmon, and this featured a light, crispy skin, salted with a coriander yuzu pesto that really highlights the Asian fusion elements of this Melbourne restaurant. My favourite of the evening would be the Porterhouse steal – it is rare that my favourite protein does not end up being seafood, but the slightly sweet, Asian sauces drizzled around this sensationally tender piece of steak was just divine – each slice melted in my mouth and I couldn’t wait to go back for more.

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Pan-Fried Salmon (Peanut, coriander yuzu pesto, kale and Thai basil) – $36.0

The dessert of poached pear was interesting to try – as it’s normally not an option I would opt for at a Melbourne Asian restaurant, but it turned out to be the perfect refreshing end to our dinner. The jasmine and osmanthus flavours added an Asian twist, and the slight crunch to bite into the pear was a real palate cleanser!

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Char-grilled Cape Grimm Porterhouse Steal ((MBS4+300gm) Ginger, scallion sauce, chives, daikon) – $45.0

The bad fat: The salted calamari, whilst delicious (as calamari always is), lacked a bit of a punch in flavour that maybe could’ve been enhanced with a stronger kick from the salted egg. Likewise, the Char Siew meat in my hand bun I found was a little dry and tough to chew through. The incorporation of the sesame tuile made the poached pear a visually aesthetic dish, but it wasn’t as crisp nor light as I imagined it to be.

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Osmanthus & Jasmine Poached Pear (Orange granita, sesame tuile) – $14


YES – Cannot wait to come again and try some of their Asian fusion foods – probably one of my favourite Melbourne restaurants if you ever need a recommendation!


Check out Chinacy’s website:

2wofatgirls would like to thank Chinacy for the invitation to dine – these opinions are strictly unbiased and were influenced in no way by the collaboration

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