Jamu Dining

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A stunning, modern interior with high ceilings and timber panels

JAMU DINING, RICHMOND: In a quiet suburban area, is a beautiful and modernised Asian fusion restaurant from an ex-Masterchef contestant. We were so pleased with the relaxed vibes of the restaurant and the open spaciousness, with ability to accommodate for large groups or an intimate affair. The concept and style of the menu is slightly confusing in terms of portion sizes, but overall we had an enjoyable night, with a few amazing highlights in entree and dessert but unfortunately disappointing mains.


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The good fat: Both the raw beef tartare and king fish ceviche were delightful and flavoursome entrees. Unique in their own right, the ceviche was sprightly, fresh and glazed with a sweet yet light tamarind sauce. Featuring a raw egg, the tartare was thicker in texture and slightly gelatinous, but the hints of chilli coming through were a welcome challenge to the tastebuds.

The Vietnamese-styled salad on the side of the pork hock was so delicious! Sweet, crunchy with a bean-sprout like mystery vegetable, and dashed with lemony excitement – I could’ve had a whole bowl.

I was so enthralled by the taromisu – despite not the most aesthetic dessert, as it looked like a purple clump, the texture was light and eventful, with a unique and delicious salted biscuit crumb on top, yet a smooth cream in between layers of spongy cake. Likewise, the coconut granita was refreshing and subtle in flavour, with a cool and gooey rice pudding underneath. Small slices of mango added a fruity sweetness to an overall relatively milder-tasting dessert.


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The bad fat: It’s quite disappointing to have both mains not turn out the way you expected. The hainanese chicken salad was simply a mix of cabbage and a few strips of chicken breast scattered amongst it. The sauce was nothing special and for some reason it was highly reminiscent of the salad you receive in the small box on some airplane meals. I was also deceived by the “rice” in the title as I had expected rice on the side – definitely an unsatisfying main that will leave the stomach unhappy and grumbling.

I’m a huge meat lover so naturally, we went for the pork hock, but it was incredibly difficult to cut through as whilst the skin was not burnt, it was rock hard, but slightly sticky inside where the fatty residue remained. The flesh was tender but nothing special – not falling off the bone. Whilst the tamarind provided a classic Asian sweet-soy styled flavour, it was lacking in quantity and did not sufficiently coat the entire portion.

A stronger hint of taro (other than it simply being purple) within the taromisu would have been a delight!


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Maybe – there are stunning palate pleasures such as the taromisu, and both the entrees that I haven’t experienced elsewhere but maybe we just ordered the wrong mains so go to Double Chin for Chin Chin for the meat but come here for dessert!

FAT-O-METER: 3.5/5

2wofatgirls would like to thank Jamu Richmond for the invitation to dine – these opinions are strictly unbiased and were influenced in no way by the collaboration

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