Tokyo Teppanyaki

TOKYO TEPPANYAKI, SOUTH YARRA: When you’re invited to a Teppanyaki restaurant you normally expect to eat, well, teppanyaki… The excitement and fun experience of having chefs cook on a metal grill and throw things at you, in a lively show was something we were looking forward to before being shunned to the shadows amongst the pretty empty restaurant for a Sunday night and restricted to a hunger-inducing amount of food options. So if you missed out on Sunday roast this week like we missed out on Japanese grill, read on for a spectacle (more exciting than the teppanyaki chefs put on)…

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Our special OFF-THE MENU sushi and sashimi platter WOW! (Sarcasm)

The good fat: The scallops were quite tender and a few were pretty plump. They had a nice char on the outside – but I mean when you’re working one of the crown ingredients of the ocean how hard is it to go seriously wrong. Our steak tenderloin was quite juicy with a nice degree of moisture preserved inside. The presentation of both “mains” were quite pretty but seemed like an attempt to mimic high end restaurant plating without the ability to reproduce the flavours complementing the fine ingredients and justifying its price.


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The bad fat: The wait staff were highly disorganised, having to call the manager to check our booking for today as we were left waiting on the side. As we ordered our options (already unhappy about the lack of teppanyaki – we were the only two people sitting at a non-teppanyaki table), it was even more disappointing to be told that the wagyu and deluxe sashimi platter were “unavailable”, as was my original selection of the Flaming Lamborghini cocktail. It is understandable to be informed of certain restrictions before our collaborations, but to be treated in this manner, was disrespectful and an unwelcome experience to start the night.

Although we were informed that our “deluxe” platter had been downgraded to “normal”, the reality was that we had been downgraded to a platter that was non-existent on the menu, with a measly 5 tablespoons of a rice and a sad piece of fish flimsily placed on top. The sashimi was very standard and not refreshingly juicy or moist – where was the taste of the sea? Maybe we can be grateful that at least they weren’t stingy in the generous amount of soy sauce, (I mean sushi train charges 50c for them don’t they?) well overcompensating the 7 slices of room-temperature sashimi.

I definitely did not feel that our mains were worth the hefty $38 price tag – they came out on plates that seemed more like entree portions, I mean how can a grown person be full from 8 small/average-sized scallops? Likewise, the steak was small, and not an amazing cut to warrant its price tag. Whilst both dishes were tasty, that could only be attributed to the fact that it was inherently SCALLOPS and STEAK – as long as you pan fry them somewhat within the range of edible they will be tasty… but when you’re at a restaurant, one expects a lot more than simply “edible” food. We go to restaurants for the quality in flavour and a chef’s careful selection of ingredients, – adding a mere sprinkle of herbs, a slab of lemon and plating on a large white plate does not mean you can jack the prices 10x higher. The respective “sauces” were measly drizzles that made no difference – perhaps in the end it was just a squirt of BBQ sauce to make the plate look aesthetic. Also quite certain that our “chicken” fried rice was downgraded to “vegetable” fried rice, unless we are actually mistaken and having fried egg from a chicken is “chicken” to them. Aside from that misunderstanding, the rice was dry, bland and small in portion size – I’ve made tastier fried rice amongst the hours of study between end of semester exams.

Overall, (if it had not been for the Sake) this dinner has been one of the worse experiences I’ve had this year – this really could’ve been lessened with a stronger clarity of what we could’ve expect in the beginning, and not be treated in a rude and stingy manner with portions and options awkwardly limited here and there.


Do I still need to answer this?

FAT-O-METER: 2.5/5 (Because the people at the teppanyaki table seemed to have fun and I am always down for seafood)

2wofatgirls would like to thank Tokyo Teppanyaki (or not) for the invitation to dine – these opinions are strictly unbiased and were influenced in no way by the collaboration

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