Spring Accessories: Watch this Space (GIVEAWAY!)

Who doesn’t love receiving packages in the mail? It was pure joy to receive an unembellished, black box one afternoon. I ran my fingers over the smooth, wooden surface of the elaborate timber box, prying the lid open to reveal, none other than my minimalist, wooden watch from Jord. Simple. Natural. Seamless.

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 11.39.26 pm

In love with this wooden aesthetic

Featuring a minimalist design, the Jord watch captures the essence of a versatile accessory, for women and men both. My watch specifically, the Frankie Koa and Ash (Click here to view) features a hand-finished koa wood – an acacia tree endemic to the tropical islands of Hawaii. The flawless wooden aesthetic of the watch band nestled around my wrists are a constant reminder of the untainted natural beauty of mother nature. There is even the slightest hint of a woody scent that transports you straight into the heart of a timber-filled forest, bursting with the vivacity of wildlife. What more better than having a timepiece derived from the timelessness of nature?

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 11.39.18 pm

An elegant box that forms the perfect storage facility

The bronzed Koa grain seamlessly complements the ash face, giving a grounded, mature style, with the versatility to suit any layered outfit. The minimalist design allows the Koa wooden watch to take centre stage. As such, it has become the perfect accompaniment for me and my friends as we navigate our way through the Melbourne culinary scene. Check out our photos below when we visited Homi Noodle Bar and Nosh!!

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Jord’s online store (Click here to view) offers a unique range of women’s and men’s watches, whilst some, like the Frankie Koa and Ash, are unisex. It provides the convenience and ease of free shipping, and not to mention, the unique addition of engraving. Wouldn’t a simple engraved message simply make the perfect timeless timepiece for your special someone? Another depth of personalisation is added with the specific tailoring of size, featuring an online watchband measurer to ensure your Jord watch is the perfect fit.

To introduce you to the world of Jord, make sure you enter our giveaway that offers you a chance to win $100 USD to spend on their online store! Check out the competition link below:


(Contest closes: 13/05/2018)
And just by signing up, you’ll also get 10% off the ENTIRE store, so don’t waste time in securing these stylish wooden watches for yourself or someone special.

Luxury Wooden Watch

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