Middle South East

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One of the most stunning spreads!

MIDDLE SOUTH EAST, SOUTH YARRA: A vibrant restaurant with not only brunch, but also a separate lunch and dinner menu, Middle South East is along a popular stretch of Chapel Street with the vibe to merit all sorts of occasions. Their dishes range from classic brunches, to those with a Middle Eastern, spicy twist. A special feature would definitely have been their amazing smoothies – fresh with the unique addition of dried nuts, or crunchy goji berries on the side were delicious!

Middle South Eggs (Middle eastern bake, Persian feta, fresh chilli, sujok sausage, chunky bread and poached eggs) – $18.0 (+$5.0 Avocado, +$5.0 Salmon)

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Such a healthy yet hearty way to start the day

The good fat: The chunky flatbread was slightly spice with herbs and garlic, that was great in soaking up the chilli heartiness of the sauce. The sujok sausages were ymmy and packed a great savoury punch and the feta was a crumbly yum! It was lovely to have the salmon and avo on the side just to freshen everything up.

The bad fat: The sauce was a little one-sided as instead of being chilli scramble, like these dishes typically are, the poached eggs couldn’t offer much contrast in flavour to work with the chilli sauce. The flatbread also could’ve been lighter and fluffier in texture.

Fat-o-meter: 4/5

Kibbeh (Home-made middle eastern lamb bake with pine nuts, hummus, avocado, heirloom tomato and poached egg) – $20.0 (+$3.5 Mushroom)

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The lamb is hidden underneath the fresh avocafo and tomato!

The good fat: I enjoyed the freshness of the the tomato and avocado to contrast the lightly spiced meatiness from the lamb. The pine nuts mixed within the lamb along with the hummus were great Middle Eastern delights supplementing the lamb. The bake itself was tasty and crumbly, with a slightly harder outer layer for a bit of crunch.

The bad fat: The lamb bake itself did not have much complexity in flavour, the sauces were also a bit lacking. If there was a bit more hummus, or the sesame seed dressing on the side, the could’ve packed more of a punch in flavour to be heartier and also help add moisture to the lamb, which was a little dry.

Fat-o-meter: 4/5

Bircher (Quinoa, Chia, Dates, Apricot, Fresh Berries and Coconut) – $14.0

Screen Shot 2018-04-08 at 9.23.22 pm

One of the most delicious healthy desserts I’ve had

The good fat: One of the rare birchers I’ve tried at brunch and it was such a filling and healthy option! I loved the selection of fresh fruits on top, with the sourness of the yoghurt, the sweetness from the berry puree and juiciness of the fresh berries The chia seed and quinoa pudding mix at the bottom was healthy and light, without being too sweet.

The bad fat: Slightly confused by the description as I was expecting more granola (for a bircher) but it was mostly a chia seed pudding with quinoa, and only very small spoonfuls of granola on the side. Some more actual granola/oats with nuts would have added natural crunch amidst the softness of the chia pudding.

Fat-o-meter: 4/5


Yes – A vibrant and lively restaurant open all day, with pleasant aesthetics!


CHECK OUT MIDDLE SOUTH EAST CAFE HERE: http://middlesoutheast.com.au/

2wofatgirls would like to thank Middle South East for the invitation to dine – these opinions are strictly unbiased and were influenced in no way by the collaboration

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