Farina 00

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FARINA 00 WOOD-FIRED PIZZA, NORTHCOTE: A vibey Italian restaurant with a huge brick-lain wood fired pizza oven at the front, and an open kitchen area just for the pizza making so you can witness the dough being formed on site! It has a very traditional Italian menu, and although pizza is in its name, their pasta dishes are equally as delicious!

Calamari (Rice flour fried calamari, tossed in rocket leaves, herb mayo) – $17.5

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Very happy that this also came with greens!

The good fat: Always love a good calamari entree. The balsamic vinegar, crunchy grains and onions spiced across the salad were delicious. Light crumbs surrounding the calamari added an extra dimension of texture and the seafood rings themselves were cooked tenderly but still preserved that classic chewiness.

The bad fat: Nothing!

Fat-o-meter: 4.5/5

Bruschetta (Buffalo mozzarella, roma tomato, fresh basil) – $12.5

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Classic toppings for a classic starter!

The good fat: A toasty, warm bruschetta base with buffalo mozzarella that slightly started to melt into stringy pieces as it warmed up on the bread. The tomatoes were fresh and juicy!

The bad fat: A little too simple and some other spice aside from basil or a range of different toppings for a bruschetta platter would make for an even more interesting entree.

Fat-o-meter: 3.5/5

Pancetta & mushroom risotto – $21.5

Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 11.02.36 pm

Here is their unique pizza bowl!

The good fat: Perfectly textured risotto, with soft, but still separated grains of Arborio rice in a moist, and slightly stick sauce. The mushroom was very aromatic, and the pancetta gave the hints of strength in flavour. It was also served in a pizza bowl lined with tomato and cheese which was incredibly creative!

The bad fat: The risotto itself was a little bland in flavour, so using a stronger sauce or featuring some spices on the side to complement the mushroom’s earthiness would be even better.

Fat-o-meter: 4/5

Salsiccia (Sauce, mozzarella, Italian pork sausage, wild broccolini , taleggio cheese) – $19.5

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Very thin base with generous toppings and melted cheese!

The good fat: A crispy thin base with a unique topping featuring cheesy strings of mozzarella and taleggio cheese. The wild broccolini was slightly salted in flavour and gave an interesting twist to the pizza.

The bad fat: The Italian pork sausage was a little bland to stand as an entire protein choice on the pizza.

Fat-o-meter: 4/5

Tiramisu – $12.5

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Tiramisu is a must get at all Italian restaurants

The good fat: Such a generous portion size! The icecream on the side was a delicious complement, and served on a bed of melted (then frozen) chocolate. It featured a soft and moist chocolate sponge wedged between layers of cream and espresso.

The bad fat: The sponge was soaked a bit too much in liquor so that it became rather sweet and soggy. The cream was also quite watery and light instead of being slightly thickened (personal preference)

Fat-o-meter: 4/5

Screen Shot 2018-04-07 at 11.02.53 pm

Espresso martini – shaken not stirred…


YES – A certainly delicious Italian spot with reasonable prices, an authentic Italian atmosphere and quality, house-made food.


CHECK OUT FARINA 00 HERE: http://www.farina00pasta.com.au/

2wofatgirls would like to thank Farina 00 for the invitation to dine – these opinions are strictly unbiased and were influenced in no way by the collaboration

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