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MARY EATS CAKE, BRUNSWICK: When you’ve been to high tea at the Ritz, your expectations of high tea are quite literally… high. Mary Eats Cake definitely featured some of the best desserts I’ve tried in a high tea setting! Whilst the Ritz had the incredibly luxurious ambiance, Mary Eats Cake had the mouthwatering food, and the fun and adorable setting that I would pick anyday. We loved the vibrant, North Melbourne chic, with elegant touches in the floral focus and gourmet china tea sets. It was a perfect marriage of the tradition of British High tea and playful creativity of Melbourne’s food and hipster culture.

Seasonal High Tea ($49/pp), French Sparkling ($10/pp), Fruit and Cheese Board ($8/pp)

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Brunswick Brekky!

– Slow cooked beef, caramelised onion and dijon mustard sandwich
– Fresh tomato, mozzarella and basil open baguette
– Leek, mushroom and creamy chicken pie
– Roast pumpkin, feta, pine-nut and rocket on arepa

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Mouth is watering just looking at this!

– Fresh scones with raspberry jam and cream

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Missed scones so much since London

– Mango sherbet cheesecake
– Macaron with rose jelly and lychee cream
– Lemon and jasmine cake-pop

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Simply gorgeous!
The good fat: The pie was the highlight in our savoury options! The pastry was so buttery and flaky, the kind that melts in your mouth and makes you sigh with happiness. Everything was the perfect size to nibble on for our complete high tea experience! The arepa was such a unique, South American type addition to a traditional high tea that was very much appreciated – it had a subtle cinnamon touch to the pumpkin, adding an element of holiday festivity.
The scones were fluffy and light – quite moist by scone standards, and wonderfully crunchy as it came straight from the oven so they were still warm! Sipping from the lemon myrtle tea whilst enjoying our sweets was simply divine. The lemon and lavender aroma from the cake pops were complemented perfectly by the tea. All the sweets just ticked the boxes for me – the lightness of the lychee cream from the macaron, and the fruitiness of the mango cheesecake dashed with sprinkles of sour sherbet where just mouthfuls of happiness! Light, beautifully textured and decadent – I would definitely come back for more.
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Such gorgeous, gold-rimmed chinaware

The bad fat: The cream could be a bit denser for extra fatty goodness… YUM YUM! Only criticism would be that the cake pop was slightly too sweet, especially the lemon curd within the cone, and the cone itself was a bit soggy. The open baguette with the mozzarella was also a little too light in terms of flavour.
Fat-o-meter: 5/5

YES – A beautiful high tea experience with high quality desserts and aromatic teas!


Check out Mary Eats Cake here:

2wofatgirls would like to thank Mary Eats Cake for the invitation to dine – these opinions are strictly unbiased and were influenced in no way by the collaboration

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