Uncle Tetsu

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Succumbed to the trend

UNCLE TETSU, MELBOURNE CBD: So this is not a review about the jiggly Japanese cheesecake because I haven’t tried it yet (it seems a bit overpriced for the size and I haven’t heard amazing reviews). However, I decided to buy into this Japanese phenomenon, but try the madeleines instead. Deciding that it was an afternoon worth treating myself to a dessert, I decided to get a matcha madeleine. I was genuinely quite surprised with the overall presentation of the shop, and the quality of the dessert that I bought as I had low expectations – thinking it to be another incredibly overhyped place.

Matcha and Red Bean Madeleine – $3.5

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Freshly baked madeleines in all sorts of different flavours!

The good fat: I was quite worried this was going to be a dry dessert but it ended up retaining a decent level of moisture all the way through! The matcha was evident and the addition of red bean on top was a great choice just for a bit of extra sweetness. Inside the madeleine, the dough was light and fluffy.

The bad fat: Taste was very average and not sure why there is SUCH a hype over the desserts from here, apart from clever marketing skills and cutesy Japanese promo. It would’ve been nice to have a stronger match and a bit more red bean at the top for different texture.

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 1.04.32 am

The little drop of red bean is a little sad


Not necessarily – tasty and nothing too special but if you’re into following the latest crazes then go for it

FAT-O-METER: 3.5/5

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