PAFU, MELBOURNE CBD: Such a cute, pink store in the middle of the QV food court with classic, simply designed pink carry bags with a Japanese aesthetic that just made me want to try them! I had the chance to try one when one of my friends brought it to university one morning but was quite disappointed – not even reaching close to my expectations. Japanese bakeries have been popping up everywhere, and whilst they’re quite overpriced e.g Hokkaido cheese tarts, at least they taste quite unique to justify the price but Pafu doesn’t.

Pafu Pastry – $4.2

Screen Shot 2018-03-04 at 12.06.09 am


The good fat: The pastry was crispy and flaky on the outside just like great puff pastry.

The bad fat: Such a plain, boring pastry – I had no idea it was apple inside? I thought it would be some unique type of cream but it tasted just like the cream in Woolies profiteroles with a unappetising combo of stewed apple. Disappointed and definitely not worth $4.2.




NO – An incredibly ordinary pastry that definitely does not warrant a store all to itself???

FAT-O-METER: 2.5/5

PAFU Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Photo credit: Pafu Australia, Facebook

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