Tella Balls Dessert Bar

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TELLA BALLS DESSERT BAR, MELBOURNE CBD: After several stores opened in Sydney and the Gold Coast, the new crazy dessert trend, Tella Balls has finally decided to open its first store in Melbourne! This is a must-go for anyone who LOVES nutella – seriously cannot think of a better place. The desserts are drenched with thick and rich chocolate sauce, perfect for those who need an immediately satisfying sugar dose. Featuring an eclectic menu of creative desserts, such as Nutella Pasta, Fish’n’Chips, and Golden Gaytime Lasagne, Tella Balls surprised us with their impressive ability to combine both aesthetics with quality taste.

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The Golden Signature Lasagne (Golden Gaytime Mousse w. Fresh Cream, Chocolate Biscuit Layers and Lashes of Caramel Sauce served w. Vanilla Bean Icecream) – $15.0

The good fat: The highlight of the day was definitely the Golden Gaytime lasagne. It is so refreshing when you’re expecting a mouthful of straight up sweetness, but realise that each layer is just a beautiful combo of crumbly biscuit cake, with slight dashes of caramel sweetness and smooth moisture from the Gaytime mousse.

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Tella Fish’n’Chips (Fried Housemade Vanilla Bean Gelato Coated in Panko Crumb, Served w. Donut Chips, Warm Nutella and Belgian White Chocolate Dipping Sauces) – $18.0

The donut chips as a side of the fish and chips were also commendable! Mimicking the taste and crispiness of churros, donut chips should really start becoming a staple in more dessert bars. The hot, crispiness went along deliciously with the refreshing and rich milk shakes!

The white chocolate tella ball was exquisite – a smooth blend of white chocolate, balanced with a chewy cinnamon doughnut. Likewise, the original nutella doughnut was just as delicious (and I’m sure it would’ve been moreso if we had not crashed from the sugar overload already)

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Two Stack Buttermilk Pancakes w. Melted Belgian Chocolate, Espresso Mascarpone, House-made Tiramisu Gelato and Cadbury Flakes – $18.0

The bad fat: Loved the idea of the icecream coated in Panko but it melted rather quickly, and may have been more practical to present them in a bowl so that 80% of the gelato inside wasn’t wasted on the board and unable to be eaten. The tellamisu would’ve been able to provide a much greater relief from the chocolatey sweetness if it wasn’t inundated with Nutella, and allowed for a more prominent coffee/tiramisu flavour. The texture of the pancake itself was also slightly dry.

Fat-o-meter: 4/5

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The Original Tella Ball Shake – $10.0


YES – A dessert place unlike no other, if you love chocolate, Nutella, and calories then this is the perfect spot!

FAT-O-METER: 4/5 (or more like 10000calories/5)

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