Yeonga Korean BBQ

YEONGA KOREAN BBQ, NORTH MELBOURNE: Korean BBQ restaurants are the perfect place for large group gatherings and has become a type of tradition for our university group of friends to go. So, most of my Korean BBQ ventures in Melbourne have all been with the same group of people, and we’ve managed to try quite a few places by now! Yeonga is a little out of the city, just north of Queen Victoria Market on a little street lined with a few Korean restaurants in a row, but it is probably the most popular out of them. Being quite full from lunch earlier, a couple of us opted out of the BBQ and settled on some Korean sharing dishes instead. There were some hit and misses for us but what I most enjoyed about the BBQ was the boat of corn cheese, kimchi and other side dishes that encircled the stove!

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 10.23.08 pm

I didn’t try the BBQ but the corn cheese boat outside looks great!

Jap-Chae (Glass Potato Noodle w. Beef and Various Vegetables) – $17.0

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 10.23.20 pm

The greens make you feel slightly healthier to counteract all the oiliness!

The good fat: I really enjoyed the flavouring of the jap-chae. The seasoning they used quite sweet – which always goes well with me. Instead of a starkly soy/savoury flavour, the sweetness from the sauce was quite distinct, which is quite unusual but also made this a surprisingly tastier stir fry than I expected. As I know sweet potato noodle is usually quite oily, this one was no exception but it was balanced with quite a fair amount of toppings – with shallots, small beef slices, carrots, egg and the like. The sesame seeds were a nice Asian touch.

The bad fat: I’d like for the shallots to be a bit smaller and I felt that the onion was at times a bit undercooked which isn’t really a great taste.

Fat-o-meter: 4/5

Seafood Pancake (Deep Fried Pancake Stuffed with Seafood and Vegetables) – $18.0


The letdown of the night 😦

The good fat: The outside was fried pretty crisply so it complemented the inside doughiness pretty well.

The bad fat: I don’t think I’ve ever been impressed with Korean pancakes so maybe I should stop ordering them… I found this one overpriced for what it’s worth. There was hardly any pieces of seafood inside, it was just mostly chewy dough. The pancake itself was very bland as there was barely any seasoning inside. The sauce on the side wasn’t really enough to give it a flavour boost. The size was also very small.

Fat-o-meter: 2.5/5

Cheese Spicy Seafood Ricecake (Rice Cake, Seafood Mix, Fish Cake, Various Vegetables with Mozzarella Cheese)


That melted cheese on top is to die for!

The good fat: This was really tasty! I loved how they had the additional component of melted cheese over the top which just made it even heartier and more flavoursome. The spiciness was the perfect level so that it was easily tolerable and gave the whole meal a really strong kick. There was a lot of seafood pieces inside, with octopus, calamari, prawns, mussels etc. which was quite impressive. This balanced well with the amount of rice cake (ddeokbokki) underneath just go cut back a little from the spice and give that chewy texture.

The bad fat: Some more vegetables would be great as the mostly got lost in the spice.

Fat-o-meter: 4/5

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 10.23.27 pm

Just another aesthetic picture of Korean Stew that came in the BBQ set


YES – One of the nicer KBBQ places even though it comes with the slightly higher price tag.


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