Stop “Scroll”-ing and Read Me

SCROLL ICECREAM, CHADSTONE: A special event at Melbourne Central saw the popular icecream aesthetic, Scroll, (which has a store beside Dashing Donuts in Chadstone) doing a combo with Cupcake Central. This was my first time trying Scroll and I thoroughly enjoyed it! Even though in the end it’s really quite a simple and overpriced dessert as it’s only rolled up icecream… so maybe I’m still a kid inside.

Oreolicious Scroll Icecream + Chocolate Cupcake


I wonder who took a sneaky taste of the chocolate icing already? Oops!

The good fat: Can you ever go wrong with cookies and cream icecream? Not really – I loved how interesting it was that they rolled the icecream up, it doesn’t really change the taste of the icecream but the texture just the slightest. By rolling it, there is a bit more air trapped through so it becomes more voluminous and airy inside. The crushed oreo biscuits gave it a good crunch – after all, Oreos are a MUST when it comes to cookies and cream icecream! The icing on the chocolate cupcake was so delicious and it satisfied my sweet tooth for sure.

The bad fat: The cupcake was pretty standard and a little dry in my opinion. This was a special design, but I think $9 for a standard scroll icecream (with 4 scrolls instead of 3) and some cookies + wafers isn’t really worth the price but you’re paying for the aesthetic. I wish there were a bit more toppings inside or that perhaps they used more cookie crumble as a base as the cupcake + icecream is pretty soft and light in texture.


Maybe just once cos it’s fun but other than that, quite overpriced for the minimal amount of icecream you’re getting…


Scroll Ice Cream Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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