Delhi Streets

DELHI STREETS, MELBOURNE CBD: Quiet a small, but popular Indian joint near Southern Cross with a few tables for larger groups, and a nice bar section surrounding the kitchen for small numbers to eat whilst watching the chefs make the fresh naan right in front of you. Their portion sizes are all quite large for a relatively reasonable price, with the thalis being a popular option for their variety of elements presented in the huge metal platter. I opted for what I had seen as their highlight from online reviews and wasn’t disappointed! The main problem was that I had to wait almost an hour for my dish to be served – I was told it was 5 minutes away after about 40 minutes (on a not-so-busy Tuesday night) only then to hear that apparently they burnt my first one and had to remake it. However, their waitress was very nice in communicating that to me and offered a rich, smooth mango lassi as compensation.

Tandoori Chicken Pizza Naan (Open Chicken Pizza: Open Face Wrap with a Secret Masala Sauce, and Mouth Watering Toppings of Chicken Tikka, Coriander, Cheese, Capsicum Tomatoes and Onions) – $12.0


A crispy, flaky base with very tasty and hearty toppings on top!

The good fat: The naan was really fresh and soft – you could tell they had handmade it straight away before using it as a pizza base! I loved how easily I could rip it apart despite that it still formed a slight sweet, but solid and carb-y base for the load of toppings above. The chicken tikka was very plentiful, tender and flavoursome, garnished with a classic, yet delicious combo of capsicum and onions for a bit of acidity. There was a generous heaping of melted cheese spread over the top of everything that stretched out like strings as I took each bite. Being a pizza, it was definitely not the most traditional Indian option on the menu, but the masala sauce over the chicken gave it the subtly curry-type Indianesque taste that blended smoothly in with the rest of the ingredients. A very tasty and satiating meal for one!

The bad fat: In saying that, it was quite simple and I wasn’t particularly surprised by the masala sauce – even though I’m not a huge fan of Indian food, I wish that the masala would’ve been a bit more prominent. Also, it was a bit disconcerting to learn that they had burnt my pizza the first time…

Fat-o-meter: 4/5


YES – Even as someone who’s not a huge fan of Indian food, I really enjoyed how tasty this was and the thalis my friends were having looked quite delectable!


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