Dashing for Donuts

DASHING DONUTS, CHADSTONE: The competition for the craziest, sweetest and most loaded donuts are sweeping across the globe and Dashing Donuts is the latest in this trend. A central store in the busy Chadstone shopping complex, Dashing Donuts is complete with a mouthwatering glass display of their crazy donut flavours. We were treated to a box of 6, which gave us the chance to sample quite a few of their best selling flavours – my personal standout would probably be the sea salt and freeze dried raspberry for being such a unique combination but still proving to taste delicious!


A nice central pop up with a droolworthy display cabinet

Box of 6 Donuts – $5~6/donut

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 11.56.13 am

How amazing do these toppings look!!!

The good fat: Instead of a rotating menu, the donut flavours here mostly remain constant. I love the variety of colours on all their different doughnuts, which make for a beautiful rainbow display cabinet!

My personal highlights would be the sea salt raspberry and the coffee tiramisu as they were the most unique flavours for me. The sea salt raspberry wasn’t sweet at all, I loved the little crystals of salt dotted throughout and little hints of sweet and sourness of raspberry from the top. Because the topping was quite thin, it also meant that the chewy dough underneath was the predominant component, making it a tasty but simple and subtle doughnut. The tiramisu donut featured a nice dollop of coffee chocolate cream that was smooth and not too sugary. The espresso beans on top were a nice crunchy addition.

The lemon meringue donut was so beautiful! I loved the orange white meringue peak on top, that was just pure and soft as I bit into it – giving me a meringue moustache. The lemon inside was quite sour which gave it a great overall balance and contrast to the plain meringue. The creme brulee had a very soft and smooth cream inside with a slightly burnt, crisp glaze – I’m always a fan of creme brulee doughnuts as the cream inside is always quite mellow without being too sugary.

The best feature about the donuts is that none of the toppings were too overpowering and sickenly sweet. The dough was a subtle but chewy base for everything to rest on and did a great job of giving a break from loaded toppings.

The bad fat: It would be great for them to be more inventive and come up with a greater range of unique and creative flavours – the majority of them i.e. Oreo, Tim Tam, Creme Brulee inundate all doughnut stores now, and whilst it is great to have a couple of these classics, to truly standout, Dashing Donuts should opt for a larger range of their own unique inventions to leave a lasting impression.

Fat-o-meter: 4/5


YES – Another yummy addition to the Melbourne donut scene! Pop by if you’re tired from a day of retail therapy at Chadstone

FAT-O-METER: 3.5/5

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