Burch and Purchese Sweet Studio

BURCH AND PURCHESE SWEET STUDIO, SOUTH YARRA: A famous sweet patisserie, I’ve had the fortune of walking past this place a couple of times but have always been overwhelmed by the choices to make up my mind and actually try it! Primarily a take-away store, B&P only have a few chairs outside for a couple of people to sit down and enjoy a slice of their delicious desserts as they watch the cars speed through Chapel St. A beautiful store with decadent cakes full of interesting flavour combinations to justify it’s slightly higher price.

Yuzu, Toasted Sesame, White Chocolate, Lychee Mousse w. Sesame – $9.5


A shot of dessert coming right up!

The good fat: A huge combination of various elements are used to make up this little shot of dessert wonder. Firstly, I love the design of their spoons because it makes it quite easy to scoop all the way to the bottom and draw up all the multi-layered sweet goodness (surprisingly) as the cup is quite narrow. It’s so interesting to see such a variety of complementary flavours to make such a small thing, but they all work really well together to produce a blend of deliciousness! The curd and 2 mousses were all soft and light in texture, with the yuzu giving a subtle sour kick whilst the white chocolate provided a light sweetness. The lychee jelly was like a little juicy ball embedded in the centre of everything to add that fruity freshness. For me, the standout that really made this dessert was the toasted sesame – I absolutely love sesame in general (it’s used in a lot of Asian desserts) for it’s crispy aroma, not only did the sesame give this groundedness to contrast all the cream, it also gave it that much needed difference in texture. Without it, there would be no satisfying solid crunch or “cake” base, and simply a mousse in a jar. Delicious and very impressed!

The bad fat: I would’ve liked the lychee in the cream to be a bit more prominent and perhaps a bit more of the sesame as there were so many levels of creamy mousse on top instead. And please sir, could I have some more? A dessert shot is not enough for someone like me 😛 (except the mousse was quite heavy in some sections so that’s probably enough calorie intake for the day)

Fat-o-meter: 4.5/5


YES – An elegant dessert experience to try various ingredients that haven’t been put together in a cake before.

FAT-O-METER: 4.5/5

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