Shujinko Ramen

SHUJINKO RAMEN, MELBOURNE CBD: We were craving ramen on a extremely humid Melbourne summer day (don’t ask why) so we were desperate to find a quality, air-conditioned environment to enjoy our heartwarming soup in. This 24/7 ramen joint is quite a well-known CBD location especially for those late night chills without compromising on quality. You won’t find lines as crazy as Hakata here but personally, I enjoyed the ramen just as much, if not more, because they have extra toppings that automatically come with it. Their broth is stewed for 12 hours to give that delicious, meaty aroma and I certainly wasn’t let down!

Shujinko Ramen – $12.8


This came in a beautiful, wide ramen bowl and just smelled delectable!

The good fat: The standout would definitely be the tonkotsu broth. Good quality ramen is essentially defined by the richness of flavours in the broth, and this one was certainly on par. It was strong, rich and aromatic, complementing the rest of the ingredients perfectly. I could have just happily slurped the soup itself! I enjoyed the array of toppings – I’m a huge fan of pork belly, and the two slices here were thin and tender, with the slightest charriness to give it a smoked kind of effect. The spring onions and bean sprouts were substantial vegetables for a refreshing touch. The egg was soy flavoured and the yolk was just the slightest bit runny. Lastly, the texture of the ramen was great and a little chewy. I also felt that the portion size was decent to provide a filling meal without being too overwhelming.

The bad fat: I think this comes as a consequence of stewing for so long with pork, but the soup was a little bit oily so that as you kept having more it got a little sickening and very filling. But it’s great in small quantities.

Fat-o-meter: 4/5


YES – An authentic, and delicious ramen bar in a convenient location.


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