Yong Green Food

YONG GREEN FOOD, FITZROY: So this is definitely one restaurant that I do NOT understand the hype of. After reading amazing reviews on Zomato about how they’ve managed to procure delicious Asian-inspirsed dinners from all vegetarian ingredients, I was expecting an interesting and unique dining experience but was completely disappointed. I found this place overpriced for what it’s worth despite I understand that they use “healthy, organic ingredients” but it’s just a waste of such good quality stuff. Overall, the flavours merely just weird and didn’t really work for me at all. Am I missing something here? Because I don’t understand at all why the rating of this restaurant is so high and why there would be lines during peak period.

Teriyaki Chicken (Wheat Chicken Pan-fried in Teriyaki Sauce, Brown Rice, Steamed Vegetables and Home Made Sauerkraut) – $18.5


Just a basic asian dish with a load of teriyaki sauce and weird wheat “chicken”

The good fat: I always enjoy teriyaki flavours and I supposed the sauce on this was quite nice – it was a little gelatinous and slightly sweet. So I enjoyed the teriyaki sauce. The rice was steamed perfectly (and the fact that it was brown made me feel healthy).

The bad fat: I’ve had wheat chicken before at home (it’s one of my favourite things that mum makes) but this was just bizarre. It was layered and very, very soft/silky kind of like jelly so I found the texture very strange. I felt like I was eating silky tofu on teriyaki. The home made sauerkraut was also unappetising – it was hard and sour. There was also quite a lot of saucy, so overall, with the rice being soaked in it and the weird squidginess of the wheat chicken just made the whole dish very one-sided in texture. The blandness of merely just steamed vegetables also meant that this was a very simple, boring meal – a cheap teriyaki katsu-don would’ve tasted better.

Fat-o-meter: 2.5/5

Lentil Hot Pot (Organic Lentils cooked in spices with tomato sauce and eggplant. Brown rice and Organic Hummus) – $18.5


How is this a hot pot..

The good fat: I liked how the lentils were cooked, soft enough to blend in with the spicy curry-like flavours but also remained a little hard so the texture wasn’t completely lost. I have nothing else to say about it except that yay at least the rice was okay.

The bad fat: So I WAS EXPECTING A HOT POT!?!?! I’m not sure IN WHAT WORLD this is a hot pot but to break it down for you, this was just a lentil curry with rice and lettuce. The spices were alright but the tomato was overpowering. It just seemed to be like a mush of what I’d expect to be fed at camp… The hummus didn’t really add anything to the dish and I was confused with the lettuce as well. But seriously false advertising.. it was a cold Winter’s night and we thought a nice lentil hot pot soup would warm us up.

Fat-o-meter: 2/5

Matcha Buckwheat Crepe (Organic Matcha Crepe filled with Organic Tempeh, Sprouts and Pickled Onion, Soy Mayo and Umami Chia) – $14.0


Yes quite pretty but what kind of portion size is that for a crepe…

The good fat: The presentation is nice

The bad fat: Okay so aside from the tiny portion size, I mean you could literally eat two rolls in one mouthful, this was the dish that just left me going like: “how do people eat this” – I don’t think I’ve ever really felt that before with food cos I usually love it so much. So I’m definitely not a picky eater in terms of flavours, and whilst I didn’t appreciate the two meals above, at least I was familiar with the flavours and they were edible. The flavour combination of this was just pure STRANGE. The buckwheat crepe was so bitter and hard, you couldn’t taste the matcha at all, and the randomly spicy onion and tempeh was just weird. Also the umami chia at the bottom was hard and sticky, I couldn’t taste any umami flavour – it was just bitter. Overall a very bitter and disappointing dish for something that has MATCHA in it.. I mean how can you ruin matcha

Fat-o-meter: 1/5


NO – Is that still a question… Yong Green Food is just an overrated restaurant with healthy labels on foods but do not appreciate the ingredients enough to make something worthwhile and enjoyable, or supposedly Asian? One of my most disappointing experiences so far.


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