ABC Korean Chicken!

ABC CHICKEN, MELBOURNE CBD: I’m ALWAYS up for fried chicken (unless it’s one of those sad dieting days) and of course Korean fried chicken is even better! As ABC Chicken is one of my Korean friend’s favourite place, I decided I needed to try this out – but was thoroughly disappointed…

Soy Garlic Boneless Half Chicken – $18.0


Look at the shining greasiness D:

The good fat: I mean it’s Korean chicken – so to some extent, if it’s done reasonably right, I will always enjoy the crispy sweetness of the skin and the soft tender meat inside that adds that perfect contrast. So in saying that, the chicken inside was cooked quite tenderly and I enjoyed the texture of the skin outside.

The bad fat: I cannot stress how slow the service was. We didn’t go on a very busy night, with maybe 70% of the seats filled but waited so ridiculously long for our chicken to come out that customers in front of us where already served and they seemed quite stacked with delivery orders. This long wait time kind of put me off for the whole evening so my opinions on the food might be slightly biased. Overall the chicken was quite average as the soy garlic sauce was average at best, and not that flavoursome so it just tasted a bit like sweetened soy sauce.  The thing that always excites me about korean chicken is the pickled radish on the side(Gami has AMAZING radish – K for Chicken) but the radish this time was horribly bland, dry and hard that was almost inedible – which was really disappointing so I didn’t get the have that enjoyable, cleansing experience after each bite of my saucy chicken.

Fat-o-meter: 3/5


NO – There are so many better places for Korean chicken in the vicinity


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