Favourites of 2017

What a year! From February 2017 when we started this, until now, I never would’ve thought we would be where we at today. Not only did I start on my foodie adventure in the food capital of Australia, Melbourne, I was able to spend 5 months travelling perhaps the gastronomic capital of the world, in Europe. Not to mention 2 weeks in Shanghai eating some of my favourite, homely dishes that I grew up with. It has definitely been quite the year of food for me! After a stunning 365 days of eating hundreds of meals (and splurging quite the bit), it is a great time to reflect on what this blog has meant for me this year, and my taste highlights.

Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 11.40.55 am

Not my absolute list of favourites, but a selection of delicious and colourful foods of 2017!

Originally, my best friend and I started this to keep track of everything we were eating in Melbourne – it seemed like such a shame to not share with everyone the amazing dishes we were eating, and to give others recommendations of what the best places in Melbourne are. After all, as budget-conscious university students in a city full of a whirlwind of flavours, we didn’t want us, or others, to be wasting time and dollars on dodgy, unappetising dishes. There is also an immense feeling of satisfaction being able to scroll through the dozens of reviews, reminiscing the lasting tastes of each meal and thinking back to all the happy, cosy memories associated with each restaurant. The same applies to scrolling my Instagram feed – which is somewhat a bit more shallow, as presentation does not always compensate for taste, but the colourful array of different condiments and decorations are always pleasing to the eye.

So what has been some of my favourite dishes of 2017? Probably one of the most difficult decisions I’ve made this year, I’ve attempted to split this up by picking 3 (because 1 was way too hard) for each type of meal in Australia – these are all budget-friendly options because I haven’t had a real chance to “fine dine” yet! I also listed some of my most memorable restaurants from Europe that made a lasting impression – all randomised because expecting me put them in order is practically impossible!



  1. Serotonin Eatery, Melbourne (High on Serotonin) – Acai Bowl
  2. The Smug Fig Cafe, Woollongabba (Smug Breakfast) – Breadless Benny
  3. AU79, Melbourne – Okonomiyaki


  1. Calia, Melbourne (Melbourne Michelin) – Wagyu Sukiyaki Bowl
  2. 38 Chairs, Melbourne (Thirty Eight Chairs) – Seafood Linguine
  3. Grand Trailer Taverna, Melbourne (The American Dream) – Any Burger


  1. Brunetti, Melbourne (Cake for Breakfast? YES PLEASE!) – ANYTHING! Ricotta and Nutella Cheesecake, Chocolate Profiteroles
  2. Calia, Melbourne (Melbourne Michelin) – Matcha Lava Cake
  3. Pidapipo or Gelocchio, Melbourne (Gelato Joy pt. 1, Gelocchio Greed) – Gelato



  1. Casa Lolea, Barcelona – Truffle risotto
  2. Padella, London – Any pasta
  3. Nase Meso, Prague – Dry-aged burger, steak
  4. Balthaz’art, Lyon – Tre Conchiglioni
  5. Le Potager des Halles, Lyon – Scallop, Lamb
  6. Ye Olde Pie and Sausage Shoppe – Pork pie
  7. Gino Sorbillo, Naples – Margherita pizza
  8. Palo Cortao, Seville – All tapas!


  1. Pompii Tiramisu, Rome – Tiramisu, Gelato
  2. Artisan Cheesecakes, Edinburgh – Any cheesecake
  3. Boulangerie Alexine, Paris – Croissant
  4. Palais du Betlem, Lisbon – Portuguese egg tart
  5. Galvin at Windows, London – Eton Mess


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