Bubba Gump Shrimp Co


Lively, colourful decor just like the mood of the movie!

BUBBA GUMP, LEICESTER SQUARE: Bubba Gump is a multi-national shrimp chain inspired by the award winning, Forrest Gump movie! Dining here was such a happy and fun experience that left me with a little food coma-ed from all the delicious, American guilty pleasures that we all crave once in a while. A must go for shrimp/seafood lovers! But they also have a huge menu incorporating thins like ribs, pasta etc. if shrimp isn’t your thing. From the moment you step in,  it feels like you’re on the set of Forrest Gump, with the bench on the side, costumes from the set, TVs showing the movie and everything themed in the same way. The manager was very kind to us and we were treated with very warm hospitality – they also quiz you in the middle at times about the movie so be prepared hehe.. Overall a hearty, soothing meal that would also be very family friendly!

Run Across America Sampler (Bubba’s Far Out Dip and Chips, Chilled Peel ‘n’ Eat Shrimp, Spicy Chicken Strips, Hush Pups, and Mama Blue’s Fried Shrimp) – GBP 22.5


Love how there is such a great variety of choices to try!

The good fat: I loved the choice of samples in this entree – there was a huge variety of their specialties and it was a lot of fun to share between the two of us, but the portion sizes would’ve been perfect for larger groups as well. Both the chilled and crumbed prawn had very tender flesh, with the chilled prawns even having a hint of that fresh seafood sweetness. The prawn crumble was crispy and golden – cooked perfectly. The standout was actually the dip! I’m not too sure what it entirely consisted of, but the seeming mash of potato, avocado (and spinach?) with other flavours were a very interesting and surprising combination of flavours. The chicken was tasty but nothing surprising.

The bad fat: The corn chips seemed to be less crunchy than usual.

Fat-o-meter: 4/5

Shrimp New Orleans (Shrimp broiled with Butter, Garlic and Spices, and served with Jasmine Rice and Garlic Bread for dipping) – GBP 21.95

Shrimper’s Heaven – GBP 24.5


Shrimp heaven!!

The good fat: Once again, this place does not disappoint in its quality and taste of the shrimp! I loved how tender, juicy and fresh the flesh of the prawns inside each of the different coatings were. My favourite from the 2 shrimp dishes was definitely the coconut shrimp – I’m a huge fan of coconut in general and I thought that the coconut was a perfect complement to the crispiness of the deep fried coating. The sauces had such a great variety of flavour, from sweet, chilli, to light and soy sauce-like options.  The portion size was huge, and the chips were really tasty – I wish I had the stomach space to have it all though. Also really enjoyed the garlic bread that was on the side of the New Orleans dish which soaked up the sauce very nicely!

The bad fat: The flavour of the New Orleans dish with the garlicky, buttery sauce that was slightly spiced seemed a bit of a strange combination that I’d never tried before but also came off as an unusual mix – I think more garlic with less of the buttery curry spice would have been nicer just to have a single more predominating flavour.

Fat-o-meter: 4/5

The Hook, Line and Sinker (Mama’s Cinnamon Bread Pudding, Strawberry Shortcake and Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae) – GBP 11.95


Please don’t think about the calories in this..

The good fat: Wow this was an insane way to finish off our already, crazily hearty meal – it was like a farewell to ensure that I had completely satisfied my American caloric cravings and exceeded my energy intake by too much to count! I liked how the desserts themselves were warm, loaded with cold, fresh ice-cream and whipped cream on top so that the desserts themselves below didn’t feel too heavy or sweet. My favourite was the chocolate chip cookie because the gooey chocolate pieces with the peanuts dotted across the top were just delicious! The strawberry shortcake was also quite nice – the cake was a perfect level of moisture for the cream to lighten it up, and the strawberries were very fresh.

The bad fat: I didn’t really like the bread pudding – but as it’s my first time trying it, I can’t really be a great judge of what it should taste like. I don’t like sultanas etc. so maybe that’s my biased reason..

Fat-o-meter: 4/5


YES – A filling and hearty meal for a group or family to share with tasty prawns and a super fun, vibrant setting!


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