Roman Pizza

PIZZA UNION, KING’S CROSS: A popular, convenient pizza place located right next to the bustling crowds of King’s Cross, Pizza Union was a fun, cheap way to enjoy Roman pizza. For those uncertain, Roman pizza features an extremely thin, widely stretched base due to the addition of olive oil, which Napolean pizza traditionally doesn’t use. This allows the pizza base to be a lot thinner which bakes out crispier in a woodfired oven. I loved the casual, eating atmosphere of this restaurant as they have large, spacious tables perfect for a group hang out but also features dimly lit lights to create the perfect vibe. There are also bar-like tables facing the outside for solo people looking for a quick lunch or dinner.

Margherita Pizza – GBP 4.0


Love the greasy shine of the cheese on top of the crispy thin base 🙂

The good fat: This was my first time eating roman pizza and it was a delicious experience! I found the base to be a perfect level of thinness that just sat underneath the thin layer of toppings so the carbs balanced it very well. The thinness of the topping meant that at times, you could even see the dough coming through parts of the pizza’s centre. It was cooked for just the right amount of time in the wood-fired oven, so that it was slightly charred in some areas but crispy all the way through without being burnt. The tomato, cheese and small pieces of basil were a simple, margherita topping that was basic but yummy and flavoursome 🙂 Plus, this place is one of the rare ones in London that will fill you up decently without leaving you broke!

The bad fat: I underestimated the size of the pizzas, despite the small base I thought that the surface area would be a bit bigger – But it also means you can comfortably eat an entire pizza without feeling too guilty! The cheese wasn’t as stringy or creamy as I expected it and I wish there was a bit more.



YES – A simple, speedy meal for one or share a variety of flavours amongst some friends.

Pizza Union Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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