A Window into Fine Dining

GALVIN AT WINDOWS, HILTON PARK LANE: Happy to have another Michelin restaurant in London under my belt, without having to splurge ridiculously. Galvin at Windows, under the head chef, Joo Won, has a French-inspired menu with beautiful, fine dining atmosphere up in the sky at the Hilton, Park Lane. The 28th floor restaurant has lovely, floor to ceiling windows overlooking various angles of London, ranging from Hyde Park, to City, to the Soho area. Even though we requested a window seat, they were unable to accommodate which was a little disappointing considering it was a Tuesday lunch time and not very busy at all. They had an offer which was a 3 course lunch menu for 19.95 pounds – a great deal for a fine dining experience. We found the overall atmosphere very elegant and comfortable, beautiful 360 degrees surround views, all complemented by 3 lovely, well-balanced dishes for a delicious lunch.

Pumpkin velouté, chestnut & parmesan tuille


The waiter poured the veloute over the chestnut and parmesan in front of me!

The good fat: This was a very hearty and warm entree to begin my lunch. The velouté was a lovely and thick texture. A classic flavour of pumpkin, it was just subtle to complement the warm, creamy texture. As the general feelings of the dish were very mellow and subdued, the slight savouriness from the parmesan gave it an interesting spin. I loved how refined it was, with pumpkin seeds embedded on the crispy, thin tuille. After it had been soaked slightly in the velouté, the parmesan went a bit soft but it was balanced well with the crispy top bit, so it was nice to experience both the difference textures. Very delicious!

The bad fat: I wasn’t a huge fan of the chestnut inside, as it gave a sort of rubbery texture without providing much flavour. Any nuttiness seemed a bit washed out so it seemed just like an unnecessary addition with weird texture.

Fat-o-meter: 4.5/5

Pan-fried fillet of pollock, shellfish & curried lentils


The fish looks so cosy balanced on top of the bed of curried lentils

The good fat: Overall, every part of the main meal was cooked very tenderly with perfect technique. The small parts of the pollock came apart cleanly, and the pan-fry was very subtle, giving the slightest hint of crispiness on top just to contrast the softer, moist parts of the centre. The shrimp and mussel were great, just to add an extra bit of a “sea” feel to the main. I enjoyed the curry over the lentils as it wasn’t too spicy, just warm and peppery and there was a good proportion of lentil to curry.

The bad fat: I felt that whilst each part of the meal was quite good, I didn’t think they worked spectacularly together – that is to say, nothing surprised me. The fish for sure was bland on its own, and it was really necessary to eat the curry with it. I was a bit disappointed to notice they hadn’t really seasoned it slightly or even a little drizzle of lemon etc. just so it could add a bit of contrast to the curry underneath.

Fat-o-meter: 4/5

Autumn berry Eton mess


This is just such a stunning, yet simple dessert!

The good fat: I’m happy that dessert hardly ever lets me down and this one was no exception! To be honest, the idea of Eton Mess has never really appealed to me too much as a dessert, it had always seemed like just cream, sugar and fruit (and remember that I’ve never liked fruit in desserts). This one definitely changed my mind! I was surprised that 3 such simple components worked so well together to give me an elegant and refined dessert to end off. The meringue was amazing – it completely melted in my mouth without being too sweet.. wow! Definitely the best meringue I’ve had! The cream certainly didn’t let it down either – it was light, milky and the slightest bit sweet but mostly just tasted like fluffy bites of creamy air. There was very minimal oil, which was great because I dislike the greasy aftertaste of badly whipped cream at the end. The fruits were classic Eton mess choices, and a bit of all 3 together was just so pleasant and soothing. Another definitely plus for this dessert was that they didn’t use processed fruit jam which definitely would’ve been too sweet. Plus the presentation is just stunning!

The bad fat: I wish there was more!

Fat-o-meter: 4.5/5


YES – A refined dining experience with gorgeous views, and the lunch menu is definitely worth it considering normal central London prices.


Galvin at Windows - London Hilton on Park Lane Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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