Chocolate High Tea!

R CHOCOLATE, BELGRAVIA: Just when you thought afternoon teas couldn’t get any better for dessert lovers, R Chocolate, has created a chocolate-exclusive high tea for those who just can’t get enough! After a brisk stroll through the quiet neighbourhood of Belgravia, we arrived in front of the R Chocolate shop front, which is decorated with sparkly, delicious treats in time for Christmas. The cafe itself is very cosy, with quiet a few locals in the afternoon having a deliciously warm hot chocolate and hand made cake to satisfy their sweet tooth. We were seated by the window with everything beautifully laid out in front of us, including the menu for today. Overall, it was very unique to have a dessert and scone-only afternoon tea, with hot chocolate as an additional option over tea. TOP TIP: The chocolate sparkling wine is an absolute must!


The less bubbly glass on the left is the chocolate sparkling wine

The good fat: I loved both the champagne and the chocolate wine! The champagne was a glass of Barons de Rothschild Champagne Brut, it was light and sparkly that left a deliciously refreshing after taste. The CIAB – French sparkling wine infused with Chocolate is an R Chocolate speciality! I’ve had chocolate with alcohol before, and it was quite terrible but this time I was genuinely impressed. Before you drink the champagne, you can smell the rich, dark cocoa of the chocolate that surrounds the wine – the wine itself is quite sweet, but the undertones of the chocolate give it a slightly earthy and mellow taste that complements the creaminess in the high tea quite well.


The marshmallows and sprinkle of cocoa powder just made this so perfect for Winter!

Considering we were at a chocolate store for an afternoon tea, we opted for the more unusual combination of hot chocolate instead of tea to complement our desserts. Once again, the hot chocolates were delicious and rich, without being too overpowering (See Warmed by Chocolate for hot chocolate review). Despite having so many sweet treats, I still happily finished my hot chocolate!


I would happily take another tier of dessert over sandwiches anyday 🙂

Now for the afternoon tea selection, the highlight for me was probably the strawberry and champagne mousse with pistachio biscuit, and the dark chocolate mini loaf. The mousse dome was very cute – the pistachio biscuit was very soft underneath but the nuttiness still came through, especially since the strawberry and champagne on top was very delicate and light, not too sweet at all which I absolutely loved! The champagne balanced the strawberry back very well. The dark chocolate mini loaf was like an insane, flourless brownie, super rich, creamy and smooth that was just like having a slice of chocolate heaven in your mouth. It worked even better when we had parts of it sporadically as we powered through the rest of the more mellow desserts. The hazelnut mousse also gets a shoutout as I loved the nut in the centre, whilst the salted caramel was quite withdrawn, letting the hazelnut really shine. Luckily for me – the marzipan on the cherry battenberg was barely tasteable, just giving a slight hint of sweetness so it was a very subtle, simple cake that we started off our afternoon tea with.

The scones were delicious – just a perfect level of crumbliness without being too hard to cut into. It was so fun to see chocolate nibs inside instead of fruit, and the clotted cream was so light and fluffy. The strawberry jam wasn’t too sweet and eating everything together just made me feel like I was having a slice of Britain.

Overall, I thought that the combination of sweet treats worked really well despite there not being any savoury sandwiches! There was a good balance between chocolatey richness and some of the more drawnback, plainer cakes with a thin layer of jam just for a bit of extra sweetness.

The bad fat: I felt like the flour-based cakes in general were a little dry in terms of texture and the portion sizes of the mousse cakes were a little small especially as I wanted to taste the nut bases better.  The scones were also quite small, but I was so surprised when we were both very full after the whole experience (which was great!)


YES – A lovely experience in a quiet area – definitely try the chocolate infused sparkling wine!



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