A Cut of Italian at La Tagliata

LA TAGLIATA, FITZROVIA: The newly opened (second) store nestled in the leafy, relaxed area of Fitzrovia, La Tagliata is an Italian restaurant that certainly didn’t disappoint! We left with a hearty, content filling in our stomachs, a beautiful mellow array of flavours to remember and fondly reminiscing our Italian summer holiday of 2017. With lovely house wines, incredibly fresh ingredients and clearly a lot of patience in preparing and perfecting the taste of each dish, La Tagliata is a restaurant that I wouldn’t hesitate returning to! Special shout out to the entrees which definitely surprised me in terms of the variety and superb combination of flavour.

Bruschette (Five Slices of Toasted Bread with a Selection of Toppings) – GBP 8.0


What a delightful variety of colours on this starter

The good fat: A very colourful array of toppings to start the meal, ranging from a variety of different flavours, from subtle ones on the right hand side with tomato and garlic undertones, to basil, pesto and a chilli one to end. The bruschette was very crispy and I enjoyed the soft, juicy toppings on top each of them. A perfect way to start out meal! A special highlight for me was the pine nut one with a garlic past in the centre – the nuts on top gave it an extra crunch as there was also a slight seafood/fish-like fragrance to the paste.

The bad fat: Nothing! – The spicy one is quite strong if you’re not a fan of chilli.

Fat-o-meter: 4.5/5

La Tartara di Tonno (Tuna Tartar with Avocados, Strawberries and Fresh Lemon Juice) – GBP 11.5 / 21


One of the most beautifully presented dishes I’ve seen!

The good fat: Wow this was an amazing tartar! Firstly, look at the beautiful presentation of this entree – from the delicate balsamic glaze on the side, to the bed of avocado nestled underneath the pink salmon and dash of strawberries on the top. I thought the presentation was immaculate, and the taste didn’t disappoint. The bruschette was once again the perfect crunchiness. The lemon juice gave a very subtle citrus hint in the tuna, which was very tender and smooth, just like how fresh tuna should be. The avocado, tuna and the sweetness of the strawberries on top were an amazing but unique combo – one of the best tartars I’ve had!

The bad fat: Nothing 🙂

Fat-o-meter: 5/5

I Gamberi Alla Fra’Diavolo (Spicy King Prawns with Tomato Lobster Sauce) – GBP 9 / 18


I can feel the taste of the ocean just looking at this hearty entree!

The good fat: Another sensational entree. The prawns were smooth and cooked perfectly, maintaining a lovely degree of natural moisture whilst being very tender all the way through. Aside from this, the lobster sauce was quite stunning. The tomato had been cooked in a stew-like manner, such that all its Italian aroma had been infused into the hearty sauce – the prawns and subtle hints of lobster made me feel like I was tasting the freshness of the sea, as it subtly permeated through the thick, warm and spicy predominant taste. This was a vibrant, flavoursome and powerful starter that brought joy to my tastebuds!

The bad fat: 🙂

Fat-o-meter: 5/5

Linguine al Granchio (Long Pasta with Crab, Cherry Tomatoes, Chilli Pepper, Garlic and Fresh Parsley) – GBP 12 / 17.5


I love the halo of pesto encircling this pasta!

The good fat: The pasta was definitely of high quality, cooked to a delicate al dente and presented beautifully with the pesto encircling the outside. I loved the pieces of actual crab that were very fresh and tender – giving the pasta a real genuine seafood vibe. The herbs dashed throughout the pasta were quite mellow, as was the tomato – which all complemented the crab nicely.

The bad fat: I was really looking forward the spice from chilli pepper in this pasta, as the chilli seafood pasta I’d had before has been my favourite so far (See: Thirty Eight Chairs) but I couldn’t really taste the chilli in this, even though there was a red pepper in the pasta. I was expecting the spices in this to be a little stronger, to really bring out the warmth of the crab.

Fat-o-meter: 4/5

La Tagliatelle Zucchine E Gamberi (Homemade Long Pasta with Courgettes and Prawns, Sauteed with Brandy, Parsley and Lobster Sauce) – GBP 8 / 12

Screen Shot 2017-11-20 at 3.28.34 pm

The prawns on one side flanked by the courgettes on the other are just beautiful

The good fat: This was another strong dish with each mouthful leaving me with an extremely hearty, warm feeling inside. The prawns, needless to say, were beautifully cooked, just like the last time. The little sprigs of courgette gave it that lovely green colour as well as a light freshness. I thought the flavours here were heavier than the previous one, probably because of the brandy and the lobster sauce. I even felt like there was a subtle cheesiness coming through. Once again, the lobster sauce provided it with the slightest bit of chilli and earthy seafood blends that I simply love. The pasta texture was lovely and this was a very well put together pasta – side note it was extremely affordable, only at 12 pounds for a filling main!

The bad fat: Nothing

Fat-o-meter: 5/5

La Tagliata di Tonno (Marinated Grilled Tuna, Radicchio and Belgian Endive, Served with Pink Pepper and Leek Dressing) – GBP 23


Can you say no to that amazing, juicy pinkness at the centre of each steak piece?

The good fat: The medium rare grilled tuna was just one of the most beautiful, fresh fish steaks that I’ve ever had. The pinkiness on the inside meant that most of the natural juicy moisture was still preserved, whilst the slight charredness on the outside gave it another degree of slightly harder texture. Every bite was just so tender and as the marinade was quite subtle, a little dab of the balsamic on the side just made it perfect with its acidity.

The bad fat: I wasn’t a huge fan of the endive on the side as it was a little bit too charred for my liking and didn’t give the tuna much extra boost in flavour.

Fat-o-meter: 4.5/5

La Tagliata di Manzo (Finest British Beef Sirloin, Cooked and Sliced, On a Bed of Cherry Tomatoes, Rocket, Parmesan with Balsamic Glaze) – GBP 21.0


Wow the redness inside with the salad at the back is just so perfect

The good fat: How can you go wrong with a perfectly cooked medium rare steak?  Seeing as this cut of beef this restaurant’s specialty (La Tagliata means “the cut” in Italian), it was as tender as I expected. The juiciness really shone through and the simple salad on the side gave it a very refreshing crunch, to balance out the meatiness.

The bad fat: Even though it was a very well-textured steak, I would’ve preferred slightly bit more seasoning, especially as the balsamic glaze wasn’t very strong. The steak itself had an inherent, hearty taste but some sort of peppery/citrus kick would’ve complemented the beef even better.

Fat-o-meter: 4/5


YES – I would happily come again and enjoy this cosy restaurant with its fine Italian flavours.

FAT-O-METER: 4.5/5

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