Winery Winner

THE EPICUREAN, RED HILL: A large, warm Western restaurant in the Red Hill winery area – complete with stoves decorating the borders and a huge woodfired pizza oven where you can see them making their pizza on the spot from scratch. I loved the high ceilings and the range of Italian food options. The vibes were warm and fresh, the service was speedy and everything was presented beautifully. I could taste the care taken in preparing the lovely complexity of flavours, even though the portion sizes were quite small for the price.

Risotto Granchio (Black rice, Crab meat, Leek, Mascarpone, Lemon Oil, Chives) – $35.0


Not the most visually appealing but the taste was amazing!

The good fat: Easily my favourite dish of the day. There was something amazing about the creaminess of the risotto and the eccentricity of the flavours. The risotto was hard in that you could distinguish the individual grains with ease, but overall, the texture was quite moist and gelatinous. The seafood flavour wasn’t strong but the blend of all the elements together made it very special indeed – with a hint of cheesiness in the back.

The bad fat: More seafood would’ve been nice!

Fat-o-meter: 4.5/5

Granchio Tenero (Soft Shell Crab, Fennel Salad, Smoked Paprika Mayonnaise) – $21.0


The good fat: A perfect, melt in the mouth kind of feeling after biting through the delicious crunch of the crab coating. The coating was very flavoursome and seasoned with great balance such that the flavours pervaded through the crab flesh inside. The flesh was tender and soft. The paprika mayonnaise added a nice and very very subtle hint of spicy creaminess.

The bad fat: An extra dash of paprika mayo!

Fat-o-meter: 4.5/5

Buccantini allo Zafferano (Bug meat, Scallops, Garlic, Saffron, Onion, Chives) $36.0


The good fat: The broth underneath was quite nice and subtle – a little creamy and not overpowering.

The bad fat: It was quite a bland dish in general. There wasn’t a strong hint of cheese and the seafood didn’t come through as strongly as I would’ve liked – so it ended up being a weak, one dimensional flavour approach. The texture of the pasta was also quite chewy and tough. Overall it was just quite basic without too many pieces of seafood and hence, not worth the price we paid.

Fat-o-meter: 3/5

Wagyu Pizza (Tomato Sauce, Asiago, Wagyu Bresaola, Semi-dry Tomatoes, Herbs) – $31.0

The good fat: Another deliciously cheesy pizza with a perfect, fluffy and puffy pizza base courtesy of the woodfired oven. There was a huge amount of gooey, sticky cheese and pizza was extremely flavoursome in itself, with varying levels of savouriness so that the ingredients still worked well together. The crunch from the thinly sliced wagyu also brough variety to the dish. Tomatoes were juicy and sweet!

The bad fat: The wagyu pieces were very thin and as a result, the flavour and juiciness of the meat was lost.

Fat-o-meter: 4/5


YES – Not many areas around Red Hill for a not overly expensive meal, either as a group to share multiple dishes or in a smaller setting so the vibes and quality of the food here is worth!!


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