Matcha Fail

MATCHA MYLKBAR, ST KILDA – Definition of instagram food: all aesthetics, no substance. I actually don’t understand why this place has so much hype, apart from their green buns which kind of just seem like green food colouring in a normal hamburger bun. Everything here is overpriced, bland and the flavours simply don’t work well together at all – in fact, the smoothies are overpriced and honestly just taste watery and weird to an extent that even I can’t finish it (and I can basically eat anything). Save yourself time and money – this is not a place you need to try simply because it keeps popping up on Instagram!

Dragonfruit Amazebowl (Dragonfruit, Banana, Activated Chia, Almond Mylk, Goji Berry, Orange and Chocolate Protein Granola) – $15.0


Yes it looks gorgeous even I agree on that..

The good fat: It was very pretty I have to admit. The purple of the “dragonfruit” and the carefully sculptured fruits at the top made it an extremely aesthetically pleasing and colourful, fresh bowl of fruit.

The bad fat: Everything that wasn’t look related. It tasted more like a banana bowl with purple food colouring – no idea if dragon fruit existed. There were just a couple of sad slices of apple on the top that didn’t really contribute to the flavour. The granola was actually pathetic… it altogether may have mounted to about 1 tablespoon in total. This meant that the bowl was just a bland, banana smoothie with no granola and so artificially purple to compensate for their stinginess in using real dragonfruit. Basically just an overpriced Boost juice in a bowl that didn’t taste as good.

Fat-o-meter: 2.5/5 


NO – Don’t get deceived by their green burgers! Just because it looks cool doesn’t mean you should pay $20 for bland and dry burgers (I tried my friend’s)


Matcha Mylkbar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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