Corbett and Claude

CORBETT AND CLAUDE, WESTFIELD GARDEN CITY – A modern restaurant situated in Garden City’s lovely outdoor dining area (complete with fountains and live music), this Italian diner has the ambience and decor for a classy, yet fun night out with friends or family. The staff were all very helpful and the food service was very efficient. The cocktails are an absolute must – I looooooved the pawnstar martini that the waitress recommended as it was simply sweet and delicious! Although I can’t pick out any standout dishes in terms of flavour, we were very happy with the presentation, vibes and thorough feeling of satisfaction in our bellies after our dinner here.

Halloumi Chips – $12.0


Entrees and a cocktail in front of a vibey water fountain!

The good fat: The halloumi chips were fried in a delicious, crunchy layer of garlic crumbs which formed a great coating in terms of adding savoury taste and a lovely, golden crumbly texture before biting into the smooth halloumi inside. It also came with aioli sauce which made a perfect combo. Also a very filling side!

The bad fat: The chips were a bit too fat for my liking, as there wasn’t a lot of flavour inside unless you kept re-dipping it in the aioli but then that also detracts away from the halloumi itself.

Fat-o-meter: 3.5/5

Meat and Cheese Board (Prosciutto, Salami, Double cream brie, Vintage cheddar, Quince paste, Crispbreads)– $19.0



The good fat: I absolutely loved a crispbread combo with a little bit of all the elements from the board. Creating my own stack of meat + cheese, I could taste a variety of textures from the crumbliness of the cheddar, to the chewy salami, and the softness of the brie, but the contrasting flavours were even more fascinating – what I enjoyed the most was the sweetness from the quince paste that undercut all the other levels of savouriness and really made it pop!

The bad fat: The cheddar was a little bit too dry and the prosciutto could’ve been a bit more smoky with taste cos it tasted a little bland (especially if you tried it by itself).

Fat-o-meter: 4/5

The Cigar (Ham, Mushroom, Caramelised Onion, Chicken Bites, Chipotle) – $25.0


Not hard to tell which dish is which 😛

The good fat: A ROLLED PIZZA!! The presentation of this pizza was stunning – especially with the pizza roller stuck at the top which was very thoughtful and let us cut the pizza after witnessing it in its entirety. The pastry was crunchy and warm, and the filling inside was hearty and plentiful. The chipotle sauce was very tasty! A mouthful of the pastry, melted cheese and meats was delightful.

The bad fat: A little bit bland on the inside – the chipotle was drizzled quite sparingly across the top and I felt the meats inside could’ve been perhaps marinated with stronger flavours etc. just to give a bit of an extra kick.

Fat-o-meter: 4/5

Panfried Gluten Free Gnocchi – $18.0

The good fat: Quite a simple dish but very plentiful for sure. The texture of the gnocchi was great, slightly crispy on the outside but chewy and potato-ey on a whole. The spinach at the bottom soaked up the oil from the pesto and along with the tomato, gave the meal the much needed light, veggie freshness against the density of the carbs.

The bad fat: Again, I think the pesto sauce was a bit bland and very oily. The spinach at the bottom was quite soaked towards the end. Being a very dense dish, the pesto really needed to come through as something a bit stronger and dominant to counteract the gnocchi.

Fat-o-meter: 3.5/5

Dessert Tasting Plate (Warm Mini Nutella Calzones, Sticky Date Pudding, Waffles with Icecream) – $19.0


Proving that you can never go wrong with dessert!

The good fat: Loved the desserts! Nothing was sickingly sweet, the nutella was warm inside the crispy calzones, the waffles were soft, and the sticky date pudding was sweet with a hint of a roasty undertone. Vanilla icecream was also a great accompaniment for moisture and lightness, as well as undercutting any excessive sweetness.

The bad fat: Would love the calzones to be even more bursting with nutella when you bite inside 🙂

Fat-o-meter: 4/5


YES – Awesome vibes, helpful staff and sweet cocktails all make for a hearty night out yum yum!


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