Ditsy for Doughnuts

AMERICAN DOUGHNUT KITCHEN, QUEEN VICTORIA MARKET: An absolute must try for everyone, regardless of whether or not you’re a doughnut lover. Warm, delicious doughnuts that are great for a snack as you’re wondering half way through the lovely markets on a cold, wintry Melbourne day.

5 Jam Doughnuts – $5.5


Not my most aesthetic photo..

The good fat: Best jam doughnuts I’ve had hands down. The dough is warm, chewy and tasty as the cinnamon outside pervades the sweetness throughout the entire doughnut. Otherwise, once you bite into it, there is a gorgeous dollop of warm, strawberry jam that oozes out and contributes to its delicious burst of flavour. Very hard to please for someone like me who doesn’t like jam! Absolute must try and very filling for 2 people to share 🙂

The bad fat: Eat quick or they will get cold and won’t taste as nice!

Fat-o-meter: 5/5

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