Best of Boreks

THE BOREK SHOP, QUEEN VICTORIA MARKET: An extremely popular stall at Queen Vic during any time of the day, the Borek Shop is known for its cheap, tasty and filling boreks that serves up a hearty lunch on the go as you wander around the market aisles or a sizely afternoon tea. We weren’t disappointed! There is a limited choice of flavours, ranging from the popular spicy lamb, to spinach and feta, to the sweet, Nutella option which makes it easy to either try all of them or make a quick decision!

Spinach and Feta Borek – $3.5


Taking an aesthetic bite from the flaky pastry

The good fat: The quality for the price is outstanding! The pastry was soft and flaky, but chewy on the inside and almost gelatinous-like, giving it a complex range of different textures. The filling inside was satisfying, and I was very happy that it actually went throughout the whole pastry, so there weren’t huge areas of bland pastry without filling. Warm and filling lunch to share with room for more market goods 🙂

The bad fat: The filling itself was a little bland in my opinion. The spinach and feta both give a very subtle flavouring and it would’ve been nice to spice it up a bit with stronger herbs or salt.

Fat-o-meter: 4/5

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