High on Serotonin

SEROTONIN EATERY: An incredibly popular place in Richmond for brunch and I’m so glad we went early on a weekday as it meant we had really nice seats next to the window. One of the only places that I have to admit, I completely understand the hype! I loved the simply white-based interior design and the windows facing the sun as it rose in the morning, keeping it naturally warm and sunny inside! And it doesn’t stop there, the first vegetarian cafe I’ve been to, there was an amazing uniqueness to the dishes, with every element working sophisticatedly together to create an incredible breakfast experience whilst feeling completely guilt-free! Completely understand the hype, A while later closer to lunch time when we left, some people were forced to sit outside in the cold already…

Absolutely faultless experience for me – reasonably priced and the only thing I would have to criticise is the tiny portion of the raw desserts (literally 2 small bites worth) despite being quite expensive (~$10) but I suppose that’s original cost of the ingredients.

Galaxy Acai Bowl (Acai Icecream topped with hazelnut, buckwheat + dried fruit granola, served with a housemade choc banana magnum) – $17.0


Flavour + aethestics didn’t disappoint.. what more could you ask for?

The good fat: I don’t even know where to begin! Firstly, it was a beautifully arranged dish, the bed of acai at the bottom, complemented by neutrality of the granola, fresh colours of the fruits and of course the cute magnum sticking out from the top. I even loved the wooden bowl it came in! The texture of the acai was very smooth and well blended, there were no icy chunks and it was the perfect level of sweetness without any hints of sourness that I had from previous acai experiences. Being a huge fan of granola, I have to say the toasted crunchiness really brought out the flavour and it just worked amazingly with the softness of the acai for that extra depth of texture. The fruits were juicy and fresh, and the dried fruit (despite not being a huge fan of fried fruit) added that little extra bit of a sugary kick that wasn’t too strong from any of the other elements. The icecream! OMG the icecream!! I can’t fault it.. it was a perfectly guilt-free way for me to indulge on dessert… the chocolate was quite subtle in a elegant way, and the banana component of the icecream was blended in a very smooth, creamy texture that was a perfect complement to the simplistic, yet creative flavours offered.

The bad fat: Can’t fault this!

Fat-o-meter: 5/5



FAT-O-METER: 4.5/5

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