Cumulus Inc.

CUMULUS INC: A busy little cafe in an uptown region of the city surrounded by plenty of high end dining restaurants, you’ll find this place pretty packed with office workers etc. on a weekday morning. We were seated pretty quickly on a Monday morning and the waiters were kind enough to wait for my friends to get here before taking our orders (made it at 11:30am on the dot exactly when the breakfast menu ended) There isn’t a wide variety of options on the menu, and the standard big breakfast that my friends ordered was quite overpriced for the meagre quantity and taste. Regardless, having heard about the ricotta crumpets, that’s what I ordered.

Housemade Crumpets, Whipped Ricotta and Rooftop Honey – $10.0


Don’t they look fried to you 😛

The good fat: I thoroughly enjoyed the texture of the crumpets. It was unique, with a slightly crispy outer layer biting through to reach the soft, slightly chewy centre inside (not a big fan of super chewy pancake based mixes). So that was quite perfect for me. Quite a simplistic dish and the lemon was a much needed complement to give the dish a boost of flavour. Reasonably priced for probably just a general pick-me up in the morning without spending too much.

The bad fat: Without the honey, this would’ve been a very bland dish. The crumpet itself would’ve been better if there was a hint of sweetness, especially as the ricotta was a little bland, I prefer it when there’s a stronger hint of cheesiness to it. I felt like I wouldn’t have enjoyed it if I didn’t drench everything in honey. Not sure what rooftop honey is supposed to mean but it didn’t really taste anything different to what you buy at the supermarket. In general, a very basic dish with nothing special to it at all.

Fat-o-meter: 3/5


NO – Not for breakfast as (maybe the shakshouka?) they do have a lunch and dinner menu. Good aesthetics but overpriced, basic food with no frills nor uniqueness.


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