Chicken Feet for Days

SECRET KITCHEN: An aesthetic place for Chinese cuisine, with lovely vamped up interior decor inside and spacious tables. But you pay for that, and overall, I was very disappointed with the lack of “wow factor” from the dishes for such a pricey meal. Our yum cha amongst 8 people ended up being $35/pp… We ordered a variety of dishes so I’ll just mention the highlights. On a whole, despite maybe 2 dishes being the best ones I’ve ever tried at yum cha, the stock-standardness and blandness of everything else made this a disappointing dining experience definitely not worth what you pay for.

Chicken Feet


Are you brave enough to try this?

The good fat: Classic yum cha dish that either turns one completely off but seriously if you don’t think about it too much and just try it… who really knows the difference. The chicken feet here was very tender and smooth! The sauce was perfectly balanced and it was lovely to watch the way the softly-textured skin fell loosely off the bones. Nice dish!

The bad fat: Some people prefer spicier chicken feet but this one leaned more towards the savoury side.

Fat-o-meter: 4/5

Custard Buns – $8.0


How does one have the heart to cut through something so cute..

The good fat: Way too cute to look at! Literally vacillated between how to eat this in the most humane manner. Not only that, but the custard filling inside was very warm and not too sweet. It was also refreshing to see a bun that had a decent proportion of both bun and filling. The stickiness of the custard went well with the soft fluffiness of the bun.

The bad fat: Very overpriced for a bun but you pay for the cuteness and the fact that it is the specialty dish at Secret Kitchen. Also slightly disappointed I couldn’t watch the custard being squeezed out of the nostrils 😦

Fat-o-meter: 4/5

Some General Comments

Wrapped oil stick: Very bland, not great and crispy inside and the sauces didn’t do anything to help

Sticky rice with pork: Once again a bland dish that couldn’t compare to the sticky rice that my family makes at home. The meat wasn’t seasoned well and the rice had no flavour.

Fried shrimp dumplings: A twist on the normal shrimp dumplings – lovely texture with delightful crispiness on the outside biting into the softness of the shrimp inside. But you can’t really go wrong with this –  as long as there are large chunks of shrimp inside and not too much flour.

Beef Offal: Probably the highlight of the meal. There are no pictures but this definitely had the wow factor. It was cooked super super tenderly, the texture of it was very silky smooth as it slid down your throat. It was juicy, and very flavoursome with a hint of spice that didn’t over power the savouriness.


NO – I definitely won’t be coming back again.. a couple of good dishes don’t make up for the lacklustre flavour with the hefty price tag.

FAT-O-METER: 2.5/5

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