Drums for Drumtong

DRUMTONG KOREAN BBQ: In a little Korean BBQ hot spot on Little Lonsdale Street, we came here in a group of 11 to celebrate end of exams! The vibes are nice and cosy, with a unique idea of having “bin” like chairs where you can put your bags etc. inside to save space. In general, an underrated store but pretty happy with the quality, flavours and accompanying sides but a little lopsided in the quantity of meat – made it an overall enjoyable way to finish off the semester.

DrumTong Special Combo B (Pork Belly and Marinated Beef) – $119.0


Little spread showcasing the slices of meat and korean chicken on the left


Favourite thing of the night!

The good fat: Sizeable amount for 4 people with a nice variety of various meats. I really enjoyed the crispy pork belly (as per usual) and the marinade on the beef was delectable. The sides were also really flavoursome – the kimchi was super refreshing and satisfying to eat and they had my absolute favourite ODENG!! The kimchi stew was warm and tasty, and the steamed egg looked very fluffy. But the best thing was the dessert! For once, a Korean restaurant that offers dessert as part of its set menu – it was a very inventive matcha icecream cookie, with delicious creaminess oozing out between 2 crispy pieces of rice cracker and a hint of red bean Yum!

The bad fat: We got a bit neglected in terms of the cooking as often in Korean restaurants, the waiters will alter the flame etc. to ensure that the meat doesn’t get burnt – ours was too strong and charred very quickly. Also would’ve been nice to have more melted cheese and grilled vegetables on the side. The flavour of the salad was also a little lacking. The meats were a little low in quantity for 4 people, and it only came with 2 bowls of rice which is a bit strange for the most expensive combo they had.

Fat-o-meter: 3.5/5

Sweet and Sour Korean Fried Boneless Chicken – $21.0

The good fat: Really crispy and loved the sweet and sour sauce dripping all over it. Wasn’t too overwhelming and just in general, super tasty, delicious pieces of succulent chicken!

The bad fat: Apart from feeling wayy too guilty after having chicken AND BBQ, I’m still going to complain about the portion size… hahaha especially considering it was served in a huge basket, over half of it was taken up by flavourless salad and it’s also a little more expensive compared to other restaurants (~$18 usually e.g. Gami Chicken: K for Chicken)

Fat-o-meter: 3.5/5

Kimchi Pancake – $18.0


Huge piece of kimchi pancake!

The good fat: Quite a decent portion size and it was nice to see actual pieces of prawn in there! The sauce was was quite salty but gave it a much needed strong savoury kick to the overall flavour.

The bad fat: Wasn’t really special in terms of taste, it was very hard to rip apart (so a bit soft and chewy) and not much different to the same type that I would make at home. There wasn’t much flavour in it apart from floury chewiness and kimchi spice.

Fat-o-meter: 3/5


YES – Compared to other BBQ, it’s great for a fun night out with a group of friends but the chicken and other dishes are better elsewhere.


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