Gelocchio Greed

GELOCCHIO: A petite, brand new gelateria on Lygon Street, Gelocchio is a branch from its founding store in Cairns – famous for its wide range of authentic, 100% natural gelato flavours, ranging from classic chocolates/cookies and cream to refreshing, tropical fruits such as dragonfruit and mandarin. And this store is no exception. The interior decor is gorgeous, with a cute Pinocchio-esque mural and timber-based tones. Unless most other dessert places on Lygon, there is also an additional, spacious wooden seating area inside filled with cute, cottage-like chairs and tables. We were greeted by the lovely owner who offered us samples of all the available flavours.


Everytime I look at this, the more I want to go back…

There is a much larger variety compared to other gelaterias, subdivided into tropical, fruit-based sorbets and the classic, all time favourites. The fruit sorbets as a whole were incredibly rich, refreshing and natural – you could tell that the main component of it consisted of the fruit and nothing else. The texture was smooth and the diversity of flavours ranged from dragon fruit, lychee, mandarin and passionfruit, to the pineapple-y sweetness of the Pina Colada. To pick a favourite is almost impossible, but if I had to, it would be: mandarin, pina colada and lychee – the richness of the fruit in each of these sorbets amazed my taste buds, and the pineapple in the pina colada gave it that delightful, sweet undertone.

They also offer the choice of a chocolate sorbet, which, in itself has a delightfully dark chocolate taste that the creaminess from gelato would otherwise soften out – definitely the best chocolate flavour I’ve tried!


Don’t get distracted by the adorable mural in the background!

In terms of the classic flavours, I must say the pistachio here (my go-to flavour) is definitely worthy of contesting Pidapipo’s – the nuttiness is spot on and you can really taste the authenticity of the ingredients. The textures were very soft, smooth and creamy, whilst not being too sweet. The coffee flavour was very strong, and as was the Bailey’s (for fans out there ;))


Such a unique variety of hand made desserts

They also offer cute ice-cream sandwiches (similar to Maxibon) which are creative and unique twists on classic gelato. On a whole, I am in love with the fruit-based gelato here and can’t wait to frequent this place in the future!

FAT-O-METER: 4.5/5


ABSOLUTELY! Gorgeous decor, friendly service and delicious flavours this place is sure to be one to watch out for in the future.

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