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KOKO BLACK LYGON STREET: On a quite, Friday afternoon, it was spacious enough to accommodate 10 hungry, eager students. We ordered the Belgian Spoil tasting platter, the dessert degustation for two, and their famous Classic Belgian Iced Chocolate… and left with a feeling of having had enough chocolate for a lifetime. The drink was definitely the highlight –  smooth and rich, whilst although all the desserts were delicate and visually appealing, they were a little lacklustre in the taste department. The chocolate ice cream and salted caramel délice would be amongst my other top picks.

A bit of context for fun! So after a hilarious turn of events, yours truly ended up as President of uni’s Chocolate Lovers’ Society… and WOW! what is even better than eating chocolate is having your indulgence completely paid for. In lining with the values of our club ;), we headed off to Koko Black to celebrate the last day of semester, obtaining a sugar kick high enough to propel us through the next few weeks of Swotvac hell. Apologies in advance for the photo quality… we were too excited to dig in 😛

Classic Belgian Iced Chocolate (Poured over chocolate and vanilla bean icecream) – $9.0


Look at those huge, voluminous glasses of iced chocolate decadence!

The good fat: Gorgeously appealing chocolate drinks that were absolutely delightful to sip on. The chocolate was smooth and rich without being sickenly sweet. The icecream made it lovely and milky that undercut any sweetness from the chocolate. Overall lovely blend of flavours and deliciously filling!

The bad fat: Only got too heavy to drink because we had too many other desserts at the same time so I don’t think that’s the drink’s fault…

Fat-o-meter: 4.5/5

Belgian Spoil (Chocolate Alchemy Gateau, Chocolate Mousse, 2 florentines, 2 Pralines and Chocolate Icecream) – $17.0


Lovely combination of desserts on their famous platter with a bit of everything

The good fat: Biggest fan of the icecream! When it comes to chocolate, Koko certainly doesn’t disappoint. I loved the texture and creaminess of the icecream and the little mound of cocoa powder it sat on. The Praline gave a much needed, crunchy nutty texture of almonds and pistachios to balance the sugary softness of everything else. The chocolate gateau was rich, and the layers of chocolate creme, caramel and mousse blended quite nicely.

The bad fat: Not a big fan of the pralines themselves, especially in comparison to the high quality and texture of the other desserts. They tasted pretty average, and as did the chocolate mousse. It was also a little hard to distinguish the distinct flavour changes between the gateau and a bit more “salted” in the caramel would’ve been nice to give a salty undertone against the chocolate.

Fat-o-meter: 3.5/5

Dessert Degustation for Two – $29.0

Overall I would say this is a bit too much for 2 people, especially if you’re trying to truly appreciate the uniqueness of each dessert as the flavours end up blending together and all you’re left with is SUGAR SUGAR SUGAR.


Our waiter was clumsy and made parts of the cakes fall off 😦

Dark Chaos Reveal: It was a beautiful site to witness the waiter pour the warm chocolate sauce over the top, with the dark chocolate dome slowing melting away to reveal the white chocolate semifreddo underneath. The mandarin centre purée centre was quite minimalistic, and I couldn’t really taste the pistachio sponge – maybe the chocolate sauce overwhelmed the rest of the dish a bit for me to notice the subtleties (even though the sauce itself was delicious!)

Chocolate, Vanilla and Raspberry Cream Puff: The choux pastry was warm and gorgeous – plus infusing it with raspberry on the outside is definitely a creative touch! The vanilla cream was fresh, and as much as I am trying to appreciate fruit (raspberry) based desserts, the sour-y sweetness of the coulis for me would’ve been better balanced with a deeper, chocolate flavour.

Salted Caramel Délice: Consisted of a chocolate caramel mousse and caramelised white chocolate brûlée, the délice was lovely and soft in texture, but the caramelised brûlée added too much sweetness to the dessert that would’ve been left better if there was something lighter on the side, or less caramel tones.

Chocolate and Salted Caramel Tart: Pretty classic caramel tart that wasn’t distinct on its own. The salted caramel was quite sweet but the dark chocolate ganache pulled back on that and as did the short bread base.

Fat-o-meter: 3.5/5

Homemade Dr Marty’s Crumpets (French butter and Raspberry Cocoa Nib Jam) – $8.5

The good fat: DEFINITELY needed the plainness of this after eating an utterly crazy amount of chocolate. The crumpets were light and warm, complemented nicely by the butter as it melted over the top.

The bad fat: Wasn’t a big fan of the raspberry jam as I thought it was a bit too sugary. Nothing spectacular about the crumpets themselves.

Fat-o-meter: 3/5


YES! The iced chocolate was definitely a highlight (despite drinking it in the middle of Melbourne winter) making up for the overall, similar-tasting qualities of the dessert


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