Picture Perfect Pufflets

PUFFLETS: A relatively new store on Therry Street near Queen Victoria Markets, Pufflets is an Asian dessert store specialising in Hong Kong Street Waffles and egg-based waffley Asian desserts with piles of toppings mixed together. We walked here late on a Saturday night and it was really busy! The interior is small and full of commotion. The decor is super cute, with smiley-faced ping pong balls lining the glass windows and an open-style kitchen where you can see all the waffles being made by cooking them in the special pans. Craving late night dessert, we ordered the Taiyaki icecream.

Taiyaki (Matcha and Thai Milk Tea Soft Serve) – $8.0



The good fat: Definitely instagram-worthy, an inventive dish that’s derived from the famous Japanese dessert “taiyaki” which involves a custard based, waffle batter forming a shape of a fish, filled with red bean inside. The version at Pufflets allowed you to pick either Matcha, Thai Milk tea or a mixed combo of both soft serves decked through the taiyaki, making it into a super unique and cute sundae. The flavour of thai milk tea soft serve was really nice, very rich and milky. This icecream flavour definitely exceede The waffle coat was chewy and sweet, and the portion size was really filling – as the fish tail was extremely carb-dense.

The bad fat: The texture of the ice cream was grainy and icy, not creamy at all which was quite disappointing as the flavours themselves were really nice. The proportion of red bean was very underwhelming, I don’t think you can call this real taiyaki if there was maybe barely a teaspoon of the paste at the bottom of the tail – even though it was very sweet and warm when you eventually taste it. I also would’ve preferred it if the waffle crust was crunchier and a bit warmer to begin with, which would’ve balanced out the textures better.

Fat-o-meter: 3.5/5


Yes for a picture but not the taste. For $8.0 I would definitely rather get myself a generous serving of 3 gelato scoops at Pidapipo or Messina instead 😉

FAT-O-METER: 3.5/5

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